Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Magical Car

Ok, so it isn't really magical but according to Desiree it is, so that is how it got it's name. The last time I mentioned the magical car it had been taken to the shop because the service engine soon light had come on. Of all times to have the car in the shop, this week was not the week to have that happened since I had 6 kids at home. We had no choice because I desperately need the car for this weekend's roadtrip to AZ for my sister's wedding. So, Dale drove it to the shop yesterday afternoon and then hitched a ride home with a Greg (thanx Greg!!). I was expecting to be carless all day long, and with Dale at work till 7:00 tonight, I didn't expect to have a car tomorrow either.

I was so terrified to get the call today because I just knew it was going to cost an arm and a leg, and well honestly I don't have any spare arms and legs laying around the house anymore. Much to my surprise the magical car cost only $10.76 to fix!!!! All it needed was a new gas cap. Because the seal wasn't tight enough it was sending a message to the computer that it needed to be fixed. THANK YOU GOD!!!

Now the only issue was getting it picked up. Thankfully Dale works late today so he was still home. He hurried up and got ready and ran down to the shop, picked up the car, left his there, hurried home, picked up the kiddos and me, ran him back down to the shop, and dropped him off at his car so he could get on the road to work. Then, I ran to the auto part store to get a new gas cap. After dragging the four kiddos out of the car and saying repeatedly, "grab your buddies hand and don't touch anything," we made it in the store only to find out they didn't have any in stock. My face must have said a thousand words because the lady behind the counter immediately asked me if I would like her to call the competitor store down the street to see if they had one before I had to drag my kids all over God's good green earth. Thankfully they did have one in stock so the lady told them to hold it and that "a lady with LOTS and LOTS and mucho LOTS of kids" would be right over to pick it up. If only she knew I had two others in school. The cashier at the competitor store saw me coming with "lots and lots of kids" and held it up for me to come straight to him. He was already in the process of ringing it up. Now, was he being nice to the lady with her hands full or just trying to avoid having to deal with kiddos in the store by getting us out of there as fast as possible? We will never know. It took twice as long to get them unbuckled, taken in and out of the store and buckled back up then it did for them to ring it up (though it did take a few extra seconds because Caleb desperately wanted some M&Ms, to which Desiree said, "My mommy ALWAYS buys me these when she sees them.") :)

So, we are back home with the magical car and my bank account is not depleted down to zero. Now if only I had the energy to get ready for my road trip tomorrow. I have the list made so that is a start.

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