Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Baby Cereal

Today was a big day for Aiden. We started him on rice cereal mixed with formula and apple juice. He really is growing up. Here is the adventure documented in pictures.

All clean and ready to go.
First bite. Not so sure what this new stuff is. Am I suppose to play with it or eat it?
Food starts coming out his nose. Other mommies of cleft affected kiddos: Is this normal after palate repair??
This is hard work, can't I just have a bottle.
It really starts draining out his nose. Cereal mixed with boogers - YUMMY!
Maybe it is easier to just lick it off the burpie.

Starting to really get the hang of it. This stuff is messy but pretty good after all.

All done? Just when it was getting good.

I really want more, please!!!! If I do a trick with my legs will you give me more?

I'll settle for a bottle to wash it all down.

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