Friday, October 3, 2008

Drink Baby, Drink!!!

Aiden has really slowed down on his fluid intake since he came home from the hospital. I am so worried that if he doesn't start making a drastic change we might end up back in the hospital. By 6 this morning he had only had less then 2 oz. total since he got home at 2 on Thurs. afternoon. He should be having 2+ oz. every 3 hours. He was up three times during the night but really only wanted to be cuddled and wouldn't take more then 5-10 DROPS of liquid. So frustrated. When Nana got up this morning she offered to feed him for me to give me a break. That little turkey took down 2 oz for her over the course of about 40 mins. I told her that she is my pinch hitter in the bottom of the 9th inning, down by 3 with bases loaded. She definietly hit a grand slam on that one. She has since gotten him to eat another 2 oz and I got him to eat 1 more. He does seem more interested in eating today then yesterday and last night. Please pray that he will start consumming a lot more so they don't want him back in the hospital.

He also spiked a small fever late last night into this morning at 100 degrees. It is back down to normal now but we just want to keep an eye out for infection. I am sure with the fever, the sore throat from the tubes down his throat during surgery, the stints up his nose and the fat sore lip and palate, who can blame the guy for not wanting to eat. Not to mention those darn arm restraints. What a trooper.

The swelling seems worse today which I know is normal. Just feel so bad for him to see him like that. My mom and were joking that he looks like he has a little mustache from the black stitches in his upper lip, almost like Charlie Chaplain. :) Gotta find the humor in it all.

He did show his personality for the first time when sister got home from school. She can really get him laughing and I had to stop her for fear that he would laugh and smile too much and start hurting more. We got to see his dimples for the first time in 48 hours. He really loves his sister very much and it was nice to see that part of him back again.

On a funny, interesting note. During one of our late night strolls around the living room, he was looking around, and during the silence of the night all of the sudden the A/C turned on. He startled and looked at me as if to say, "what was that?" It is amazing what he can hear now that the tubes have been placed in his ears. The things we take for granted in being able to hear the slightest sound of the a/c kicking on. Now if only I could keep the dogs from barking and the neighbors from mowing their lawns during nap time, not something I have had to worry about over the past 7 months till now. They startled him from his nap this morning and he couldn't figure out where the noises were coming from. Whole new learning experience has been opened up for him.

Thank you again for everyone's prayers and wonderful words of encouragement. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


  1. What a little trooper.

    1) Perhaps try giving him some Pedialyte. If he'll just drink some of that, it'll keep him hydrated. If he'll drink for Nana, let her do it before you get frustrated.

    I know how frustrating it is that he's not drinking. if he's still taking Tylenol with Coedine, remember that that also acts as an appetite suppressant.

    2) Amazing at him hearing the A/C kick on! Yea! You might want to think about putting a humidifier or even a fan (up where he or Alexis can't touch it) but it would act as white noise for him and maybe drown out those other noises during nap times.

  2. ok hun..... hang in there.. aaron only drank 4 oz in 24 hours. stay on top of his pain meds!!! and as darcy said the coedine suppreses the appitite.... once he is 36 hours post op you can start giving him ibuprofen.. that really helped aaron alot!!! wishing you the best of luck..... you will see a difference on day 4 or 5.... hang in there momma

  3. I am an infrequent poster on the HBAC list, and just wanted to give you some support during Aiden's recovery. It can be hard when babies won't drink. Have you tried popsicles? You can make a pop of formula, watered down apple juice, pedialyte, whatever. It may be soothing to his little mouth/lip and could be a way of getting some fluids into him. Hang in there!