Monday, October 27, 2008

TAG! Your It.

Ok, so Heather got me and now it is my turn to pass it on. Here is a link to her post:
adventures of aidanpod...: Tag before bed...


#1 I don't really want to copy Heather's, but I am also afraid of the dark. It mainly started when I was pregnant with Alexis (now 4 yrs old). I had to sleep with a night light on in the room and in the hallway. I would start to panic if our bedroom door was closed too far that I couldn't see the light in the hallway. At first Dale would laugh and make fun of me till he realized it was a pure panic moment for me. Now he just tolerates the light in the hallway and room and knows to keep his opinion to himself. I don't even like driving at night anymore.

#2 I have an obsession with numbers. For example, Aiden was born on 3/3/2008 - 3+3+2=8; and Andrew was born on 5/27: 5+2=7; and Dale was born on 5/16 - 5+1=6..... you get the point. My favorite time of the day is 12:34 and 56 seconds or 11:11. When ever one of my sister's were pregnant they would call me with their due dates and ask me which day they should have the baby so the numbers would work out. They just want to see if I can get it to mathmatically work some how. At times they are pretty crazy equations, but I can get it usually.

#3 I can't stand feet. Little baby feet are adorable, but once they get to like 3 yrs old or more- YUCK!! My husband and kiddos of course have no mercy and LOVE to stick their feet in my face or rub their feet on me. The worst is socked feet directly out of shoes. Alexis has the sweatiest feet of anyone I know. If they are dirty at all she can make mud. YUCK YUCK!! Now, popping toes, that is another thing. I love to pop the kids toes and try to pop Dale's toes but he gets away from me faster. But, don't even think about popping my toes!

#4 I spent 2 months in Alaska for summer missions. During my second and third year of college I went to Alaska for 2 months to teach kiddos about God. I was able to hike a glacier, go to a logging show, lots of fishing both fresh and salt water, saw more hours of daylight then I thought was imaginable, had only 7 days of no rain the whole time I was there, and injured my back which has never been the same. Lots of wonderful memories and wish I could go back, all though this time I would be on a cruise ship.

#5 Quirk for names starting with the same letter. A team: Andrew, Alexis, and Aiden. Dogs: Sally and Suzy. When I was growing up we had all M named animals: Mocha, Max, Molly, Mitzi, Midnight, Marky, and many more.

#6 Aiden has EIGHT names. Of course there is a story for that but here they are: Aiden Bennett-Charles Dale Eugene Fredrick Glen Howse. We knew we wanted an A first name (see weird fact #5) but couldn't come up with a middle name. So, Dale and I sat down and wrote out all the grandpa's, great grandpa's and even great great grandpa's first and middle names. Then being the weirdo that I am, I alphabetized the names and realized that we could name him with the initials of ABCDEFGH, my alphabet guy. So, Aiden is his unique name. Bennett - Dale's middle name which comes from his Grandpa Howse; Charles - My dad's middle name and Dale's dad's middle name, and my great grandpa Chilcoat (dad's mom's dad); Dale - husband's first name which comes from his Grandpa Campbell; Eugene - My Grandpa Leader's name (my mom's dad); Fredrick - my great grandpa Wendeln's name (my dad's side); Glen - grandpa Campbell's first name; and then Howse - last name. If you arent completely confused then I am impressed. His birth certificate is two pages long and Social Security wouldn't let us put all of them on there so he is just listed as Aiden Bennett-Charles Howse on the card. We didnt' know if he was going to be a boy or girl till he was born so Dale and I shook hands while we were pregnant that if he was a boy that would be his name. I was 95% sure I was having a girl and never imagined we would end up with a child with 8 names. But, a deal is a deal and I love his unique name. He is a strong boy with a strong name.

#7 Born in Rochester, NY. Not really a weird fact but something that not everyone knows. Everyone always tells me I talk so fast and my mom has always said that is because I was born in NY. My grandpa used to tell me when I was a kid to stop talking because he could never understand me since I talked so fast. I would tell him that I didn't talk fast, he just listened slow. Andrew has inherited this trait and I am constantly telling him to slow down so people can understand him.

#8 I know it said seven but I just thought of another one and I didn't want to delete one I had already written. So #8 is: Dale and I met online. We chatted for a while online, then exchanged phone numbers, and then a while later met in real life at Olive Garden in SB where our waitress' name was Joy and she almost spilt the entire tray of food on our heads. We had a great time chatting for hours and then maintained friendship for a long time afterwards. We were friends for 3 years before we started dating in June of '02 and then married in July of '03.

Now to tag seven more people. This is hard since most of the people that read my blog don't have a blog of their own and those that do have a blog have already been tag by someone else. But here goes:

Now you all think I am crazy and should be committed to a looney bin. Have a wonderful week.


  1. Ok, you beat me on interesting facts. Wow! You have some good ones!! And I think the best (weirdest) is that Aiden has EIGHT names!!! Do you ever sign his name with all of those? You really do have a letter/name fetish!! Good he has eight names, to go with his 3+3+2 birthday! See, it matches?!

    Love that someone else is afraid of the dark too. I feel like a big wus.

    OH my gosh, I normally love Aidan's feet... I kiss them, rub them on my cheeks (don't pass out!)... but yesterday, they were actually stinky! Yuck!!!

  2. STINKY FEET - YUCK!!!! Haven't met a babies feet that I didn't like so far. :)
    I never made the connection between his 8 names and magic 8 number for his birthday. My husband and I just figured out that Aiden is also the 8th grandson for my mom. The 8 madness continues. Thanks for the tag. It was fun thinking about how weird I am.