Friday, October 10, 2008

Resource Fair at School

Last night was the Resource Fair at the kids' school. Since I am an active part of the PTO, I was busy selling tickets and making sure things were taken care of. Dale was able to take care of Aiden during the evening and be my back-up man if I needed something. My adopted daughter, Katee (Thank you Jen for loaning her to me), came and watched Andrew and Alexis for me. She was an awesome helper and they all had a great time playing games, making pet rocks, having their faces painted, and eating snow cones and cotton candy (oh the sugar rush!).

I am sure many would ask, "Do you really have a son named Andrew? He is never featured in the blog pictures." Well, here is his debut, showing off his muscles, weighing in at a whoping 57 lbs and 9 yrs old..... ANDREW JAMES (camera shy guy)

Here is Alexis showing off her muscles. Watch out boys, she's strong.

Alexis and her buddy, Ms. Katee. Katee, thank you for all your help. I hope you had as wonderful a time as I know Alexis did.

All three crazy kiddos. After multiple snow cones and cotton candy this is the crazy face Alexis makes.

Hoping to win the raffle, but no such luck. Maybe next year.

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