Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Much Anticipated Pictures

Ok, here are a few pictures that I have been promising (maybe a few more then a couple). We got home around 2:00 and have been trying to get settled in. He took a very short nap in his car seat in his crib but then wanted to be a part of the action. We are having to learn his cries all over again since the sound so different. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts, comments, words of encouragement, and prayers. Now on with the promised pictures.

On the way to the hospital, happy as can be. "What is this little glowing thing on my toe? Too cool!!"
So excited, has no clue what is about to happen.
Taking him to the OR, not a happy moment for Mom and Dad.
First picture out of the OR.
Can you say pain meds?

24 hours after surgery, already trying to smile.


  1. These are awesome pictures. I am so glad that God heard and answered our prayers for little Aiden. God is so GOOD!!!

  2. I am so glad you guys are home. You've been in my thoughts and prayers all day!

    The lil trooper looks borderline happy in that last picture!

    Here's hoping and praying you all have a wonderful and restful night!

  3. He just seems like the sweetest boy. I'm so glad all went well. I'm still praying for you!
    Tina (VBAC HOPE)

  4. Glad he is home and will continue prayers for a great recovery!

  5. Oh how wonderful to see the pictures! Glad you are all home and can continue the healing process!! What a cutie he is!!!
    How awesome our God is!!!

  6. He just brings tears to my eyes Joy, how wonderful it is to see these pictures!!!

    I just love his fuzz of a halo he always has with his hair :o)

    Take care. Still praying!

  7. awsome!!! aaron was doing the same thing trying to smile just a few hours out of surgery.... isnt it amazing.... best of luck the next few days

  8. he looks amazing! i know it took me awhile to get used to jackson's new face as well. he seems like such a sweet boy.

  9. My heart goes out to you and your family for what you are going through. Your baby is so beautiful! He looks great! I hope his recovery is a good one. Stay strong, you are in our hearts!

  10. Oh my gosh, that's amazing! He's even more adorable than ever! I'm so glad everything went well, and I hope to see all of you soon! Give that little guy a kiss for me!


  11. So glad to hear he is doing well! He is handsome!

  12. What a beautiful little boy-both before & after! I am glad the surgery went well and hope he has a quick recovery.

    (from the ICAN list)