Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Think We Have Turned the Corner

After an awful night on Fri and a challenging day on Sat., I think we have finally turned the corner. He did MUCH better last night. He went to bed around 9:00 without much of a fuss and then woke around midnight for pain meds and even took about 2 ounces of formula. He then fussed around 3 but by the time I got the bottle and meds together he was back to sleep. I was wanting to wake him to give him the pain meds but instead let him sleep. He started to wake up again around 5:15 so I got him up, gave him the meds, and then he went on to drink another 2 ounces. This morning was more of the same. He really loved the fudge bar Dale and I gave him last night. I think it numbed his palate enough that he could then eat with minimal pain. My mom gave him some more fudge bar this morning since he seemed to be fighting to eat again. He loved it!! We will do what it takes to get him through this.

The swelling seems to have gone down some more and the stitches look great. No redness or swelling at the site. I am anxious to see what he will look like once those are taken out at his appointment on Tues.

Thanks you for the continued prayers and helpful comments with suggestions and words of encouragement. Darcy, I don't know what I would do without you. Knowing I can call and talk to someone who knows what this is all about has been a real lifesaver. Thanks!!

Well, I am off to join Aiden on a nap. I am not as exhausted today, just need to catch up on those hours lost. Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and I promise to post some pictures the next time. :)


  1. That is so wonderful to hear!!! I am happy that he is tolerating the pain better and I hope that today you can catch up on some much needed sleep!!
    Maybe next weekend we can come by and visit you all!!!
    Please let us know if you need anything at all...we are here for you guys!!!
    Love you!!!

  2. Nana love sharing the fudge bar with Aiden. Anything to help him get calories and fluids in to him. Continuing to pray that !!! Love, Nana/Mom