Saturday, October 4, 2008

At My Wits End

I no longer know what to do. He has been crying since 7 pm. and it is now past 2 am. He will calm down for a few minutes and act super tired and then start screaming again. He has been given 2 dosages of pain meds during that time, offered food multiple times, rocked, walkd, and sang to. You name it I have tried it. My mom finally took him at 12:30 so I could lay down, but by 1:30 I couldn't stand to hear him cry while I laid in bed. I just want to magically make the pain go away. It is not fair that he has to go through all of this and I just wish I knew what to do. Of course I have no idea who to even contact and I dont want to just take him to any doctor at the ER to evaluate him since it is such a specialty thing. I feel like such a crappy mom since I don't know what to do. I *know* in my head that I am not crappy but it sure feels that way right now. Lord, please help Aiden to sleep. Take away his pain and give him peace. Please help me to hold it together during this time.


  1. Joy, when you get this message, Call the hospital, and ask for the plastic surgeon on call to call you back. Explaining your baby had cleft repair 3 days ago, still in a lot of pain, not eating, etc, etc.

    I'm really surprised he got sent home with just regular tylenol.

    I'll pray extra hard this morning and the rest of the day.

  2. after jackson had his lip repaired, he was sent home with tylenol with codeine. after a couple days, he was screaming continuously. i finally took him into the doctor and the doctor said to go to the hospital pediatrics ward. it turns out even the tylenol with codeine wasn't cutting the pain. they were able to get his pain under control. he stayed overnight there and came home the following day. sometimes if the pain gets too out of control, it's hard to manage with only tylenol or even tylenol with codeine. and aiden had more than just his lip repair. once jackson's pain was under control, he was able to relax, sleep, eat and rest. i would recommend talking to a doctor and possibly getting some help with pain control. it is so hard to see these little guys in such pain.