Thursday, November 6, 2008

Whatcha' Doin' Mom?

Aiden loves to watch what I am doing on the computer and try and help me out. Here he is drooling all over the screen. Lovely.
Today's Thankful post on the left of my blog is for my friends. I don't know what I would do without my friend, Tammy. We were able to meet for a quick breakfast this morning and talk for a short bit. Our times together are never long enough. Of course I made her pose with Aiden and warned her she would be featured on today's blog post. Thank you Tammy for your awesome friendship. I am blessed because you are a part of my life.
Aiden has started doing this smug smile, with his nose kind of scrunched up. Love the shirt we got with our GAP giftcard, "Get In Line Girls." He is a major flirt so this is very fitting.
Now that he has somewhat gotten the hang of eating rice cereal and we have had no allergic reaction, I decided to move on to veggies and try peas yesterday. He would take a bite happily and then as he swallowed it down he would shutter as if he was disgusted with the taste. Must not have been so bad because he immediately came back with a wide mouth, waiting for more to be spooned in. It was the funniest thing so of course I grabbed my camera.

This video cracks me up. Aiden had the hiccups, so what does every compassionate dad do? He hiccups right back at him to make him laugh harder and swallow down more air to keep the hiccups coming. Aiden LOVES his daddy very much, and daddy can really get him laughing sometimes.


  1. what a cute, sweet boy you have there... we're coming up on jackson's palate surgery next week. i'm a bit nervous. how is the closed palate working out for aiden's eating?

  2. I pray that Jackson's surgery will go smoothly. Aiden is still fighting having anythin put in his mouth so we are going to be seeing a feeding specialist once they call and schedule next week with the occupational therapist.

  3. He is sooo stinkin cute!!! I love his big blue eyes and his smile. He brightens up my day!!