Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Can't Believe My Eyes

Yes, that is $1.99 per gallon in CALIFORNIA!!!!! WOW! My husband found that price on his way home from work today. He drives from here in Redlands to Palm Springs every day (about 60 mins.) This gas station was at Casino Morongo right off the freeway. Was nice to fill up for less then $30 then the $60+ it was this past summer. We are averaging about $2.25 at most stations, better then $4.59 we paid at the height of it all, but $1.99 sounds much better to me. Thank you God for cheaper gas, makes driving that much not as painful as before. Of course when he told me he was filling up for only $1.99/gallon, the blogger in me insisted that he take a picture so I could have proof of it. And he indulged my desires, love him dearly!! (he is secretly addicted to blogging vicariously through me.)

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