Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Part 2

Once Dale got home from work we got the kiddos redressed and ready to go out for the night.

Alexis, Aiden, and Andrew on the front porch.
We headed to State St. to visit all the businesses there and stand in line with the HUNDREDS of other kiddos. We missed the costume contest. :(
Aiden was one very sleepy pony.
After State St. we ran by Starbucks to see their cousin Candace, who was dressed as Thing 2.After Starbucks we went to our church to play a few carnival games. My mom (AKA "Super Nana") was there and got a chance to see the kiddos.
Alexis got a bloody nose. Just kidding. She was eating a hotdog and got carried away with the ketchup.Once we got home and had a quick bathroom break, Dale Andrew, and Alexis headed out into the neighborhood. Alexis had SO much fun RUNNING from one house to the next.
Aiden and I stayed at the house and passed out candy. His buddy from down the street, Cameron (AKA "bald little groom"), came by to see him and play with his toys. They are three weeks apart in age.
Of course I couldn't resist the picture of the bride and groom.
Even after all the hoopla and missing naps, Aiden was still smiley at the end of the day. Gotta love the chub cheeks.
We passed out two LARGE bowls of candy to all the kids in the neighborhood, and ended up with two LARGE bowls of candy once the kids got home from trick-or-treating. UGH!!!

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  1. Love the little bride and groom!!! That baldie groom is hilarious! And I really did think Alexis had a bloody nose. Geez!

    Cute pony outfit, Aiden!!