Thursday, November 27, 2008


At this point in the day I am sure that most are running around preparing for guests or hustling out the door to get somewhere for Thanksgiving. Us on the other hand are still lounging around in our pajamas with no plans for the day besides getting dressed and doing some cleaning and laundry. Dale is working today and won't be home til 4:00. I told Dale I could have all the cooking done and ready for him to sit down to eat when he got home from work today but he said that would prefer to be home to help out. He really enjoys spending time with his family (I am a very lucky wife), and didn't want to miss out on the fun of cooking in the kitchen together and smelling the food cooking all day. So, his next day off is Saturday and that will be our turkey day.

Since I have all this extra time today I thought I would play along with Heather's Thanksgiving game. Check out her link here. Here are the countdown items:
5 - List FIVE things you're thankful for this Thanksgiving.
4 - List FOUR things you can't wait to stuff your face with from your Thanksgiving table.
3 - List THREE people that will be joining your Thanksgiving feast (which is WHERE?).
2 - Post TWO pictures from last Thanksgiving (or from around this time last year).
1 - Write the ONE thing you're looking forward to doing the day after Thanksgiving!

FIVE things I am thankful for: #1 My husband!!! I am married to the most awesome husband in the world, #2 My A team: Andrew, Alexis, and Aiden, #3 God's provision for our family, #4 My friends, both real life and blogger friends, and #5 Health for myself and my family.

FOUR foods: Pumpkin pie (might as well start with dessert, it's the best), mashed potatoes with corn on top (my husband thinks I am a weirdo), turkey of course, and green bean casserole (though I am sure I will be the only one eating this since it is made with mushroom soup and my husband has convinced the kids that mushrooms are the root of all things evil).

THREE dinner guests: Since Thanksgiving for us is Saturday at our house the only people there will be my immediate family: Dale, myself, Andrew, Alexis, and Aiden. Just the way I like it this year.

TWO pictures from last year: Sadly my camera wasn't working around this time so these silly pictures come from Andrew's camera.
Here I was almost 6 months pregnant with A3 (a surprise gender at that point).
Alexis got into the ink stamping pads. Not sure what she was thinking but it sure made for a mess to clean up.

ONE thing I am looking forward to tomorrow: I am not a Black Friday shopper. That requires loosing precious sleep, getting a babysitter (what is that?), and trying to maintain a decent blood pressure amongst the intense shoppers. No thanks. I will probably work on getting the decorations out and organized so we can decorate on Saturday after our turkey lunch.

Hope everyone has/had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope you have a nice lunch on saturday. We will be decorating saturday too..we sorted things in the garage tonight and Darren will work on the outside and me on my tree and inside decorations!!! I love this time of year!!!