Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WARNING: Rambling Post about Moving

Consider yourself warned, this is a rambling post in an attempt to get these thoughts out of my head.

Moving Day: We are having to move by Jan 1st. There is so much that goes into this and it is a logistical nightmare. First off, we don't even know yet where we are going though we have narrowed it down to two apartments in our area.

APT #1: Positives: closer to kids' school, full size washer and dryer, direct access from attached garage, accepts 1 pet (we actually have two dogs so this is a negative as well). Negatives: more expensive, A LOT smaller but we can manage, will have upstairs neighbors to contend with, right near a major Univ. (yikes the potential noise on home football game nights), pressure to put down a deposit NOW to hold the apartment. I can't stand that kind of pressure when I am not comfortable with the decision yet.

APT #2 Postives: single story apartments so no upstairs noise, affordable monthly rent and security deposit, accepts up to 2 pets (remember we have 2 dogs). Negatives: farther away from the kids' school that I make three trips to daily, don't know about the garage situation if any yet, we need the garage for storage so we don't have to pay a monthly storage fee which defeats the cheaper rent, stacker washer and dryer hook-ups (we would need to sell what we already have at the house and buy a stacker). If my sister is reading this I know she is just saying she wishes she had any washer and dryer in her place so I know this isn't a HUGE deal but still on the list of pros and cons.
About the whole moving thing. Do I even bother decorating for Christmas when I need to be packing up the entire house on my own while Dale works? Seems kinda pointless to drag out the 8-10 Christmas boxes of decor when they need to be packed and moved days later along with the numerous other boxes I need to pack. (plus with a mobile almost 10 month old at that time amongst the mess... UGH!) I want my kids to have as normal a Christmas as possible, but at what cost of my sanity? This is all so hard on all of us and I know the kids feel the stress even though we try to keep as much of it hidden from them as possible. Talking about adult issues amongst adults only (you all know how I feel about that or can read back in my blog and figure it out). To be honest I am not much in the mood to decorate this year. Ask those that are around me, I am kinda in a funk lately. Normally I decorate my house for each season but just haven't been in the mood for the last 6 months. Normally it is all festive looking all around my house (especially the bathrooms), but lately it has been plain walls. I just don't have the desire to do it anymore and actually sold some of my stuff at my last yard sale because I just don't even want the stuff around anymore. Maybe in the future that desire will come back, but for now it is gone. :(

Packing: I have been asking my husband to bring me home boxes for weeks now, who mind you works for a major grocery story so he has lots of access to boxes. Hoping to get a few boxes tonight. I called and reminded but we will see what happens (I reminded the past 5 days and still nothing.) I have this overwhelming desire to pack at least one box to feel like I am making progress. I know we have to live for the next 6 weeks so I can't pack it all, but I also can't wait till the last minute with three kids and two adults to pack by myself because then I would go psycho trying to do it all as the moving van backs in.

Moving Day: I know some of you are saying, "that is 40 some days away. why you stressing it?" Well, I am the type of person (anal? type A?) that has to have everything planned in advance or I go crazy. The kids will be off for Christmas break when we move which is good and bad. Kids underfoot all day long is not good, but not having to run back and forth to pick up the kids from school will allow me consecutive days to just focus on moving and not accidently leaving them at school when I loose track of time. I will for the most part be doing this by myself since Dale works 6 days/week and has an 11 hour day when you include the commute. He is super helpful and I know he will do everything he can but there is a limit to his available time. So, finding cheap volunteers (pizza anyone?) who can help me move on their New Years weekend, that's gonna be fun.

Emotions about moving: I have lived here since shortly after Dale and I got married in 2003. I have raised my kids here and even gave birth to Aiden in my room. There are lots of emotions attached to this house. In the same breath, it will be nice to move and have a fresh start where we can build new memories for the kids. I finally got my kitchen the way I like it with more cabinets and now we are leaving it for someone else. I like my neighborhood for the most part. In the evenings we all go to the small park that is in the middle of our neighborhood and meet up with all the other kids in the neighborhood. The kids have made great friends here and love meeting up with them multiple times a week. We live right behind the school so I have been able to stay VERY involved in the events going on at school since it is so convenient. Will it be out of sight out of mind when I move farther away and can't hear the principal announcing everything over the loud speaker?
There are so many other thoughts but it hurts to even think about them right now so I guess that is all for the rambling for now. We are going to look at Apt #2 again tonight and crunch some of the numbers. I feel pressure to make a decision soon so that we don't miss out on the ones that are availale (availability is a real concern since so many people are loosing their homes to foreclosure and moving into apartments in CA). Any thoughts or opinions are greatly appreciated though not expected. If you made it this far, thanks for reading my rambling post, it is theraputic to write it all out (though I don't feel the effects of this one yet).

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