Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Adult Issues Should Stay Adult Issues

Andrew came home from school yesterday and said that they had an election in his class. He is in FOURTH grade. They didn't do any real talking about the issues, including the presidential race and many of the local propositions. According to him, many of the kids voted for Obama because "they like his name," or because "then history would be made with a black guy in office." Does it not matter what he stands for but what only matters is what color his skin is. If he is the right man for the job it shouldn't matter what skin color he wears each day. And, as far as the propositions go, do you really think 9 and 10 year olds need to be discussing gay marriage? I was SOOO frustrated and feel that kids need to be kids and not worry about adult issues. Thankfully his teacher didn't have them vote on Prop. 4 (abortion rights) but I still felt like she crossed the line with Prop. 8.
So, last night we had a PTO meeting and the principal was there. Before the meeting I talked to her about this 'election' and expressed my concerns. She suggested I talk directly to his teacher, which I knew was what needed to be done, but I don't like to be confrontational. When I saw his teacher this morning I knew that was my opportunity. I expressed my concerns and even suggested an alternative to the 'election.' Why not have the kids write and vote on their own classroom propostions? Should they spend $5,000 on a better playground or an update on the library? Things relevant to them and not issues that should remain adult issues. She said the only reason she did it last minute was because SOOO many kids were talking about the election and would not stop discussing the issues. I understand their interest but I also think it is not her place to get into it with my 9 year old. He was so confused on Prop 8 by the time he got home that he didn't know if a yes meant no to gay marriage or did yes mean yes to gay marriage.
I hope that she got the point and didn't take it personal but yet understood that kids just need to be kids, worried about the lunch time soccer game and not about who gained control in the Senate or if the forclosure rate is going to improve in the next month. UGH UGH UGH!!!!


  1. Good for you Joy for confronting the teacher!

  2. That is partly why we decided to homeschool when we can no longer afford the christian school he is in. I agree, I talked to my 8 year old about some of the props when he asked but I did not go into very much detail but still gave him an idea.