Tuesday, November 11, 2008

6 Week Post-Op Appointment

We had our 6 week post-op appointment for Aiden today with Dr. Martin. Of course a 9:00 appointment means being seen around 10:15 and then done by 10:25. He clipped a few stitches that have not dissolved yet in his nose, checked out the stitch on his lip that was trying to spit through and then told us to expect it to look worse in the coming months. Not much we can do but just keep ointment on it as much as possible. Aiden did not care for the appointment at all, crying for most of it while we held him down for Dr. Martin to look inside his mouth. That gave us a chance to get a really good look at his palate and the new tooth (and where was my camera for this awesome view of the palate? at home!! UGH) We go to see him again in 4 weeks and should get the green light to start gentle lip massage then.

After the appointment we headed over for a surprise visit with Dr. Garcia (his orthodontist). We were the ones in for a surprise. When we got in the office, a family with a bilateral baby were there for their weekly appointment, as well as a new family with a unilateral baby who are hoping to start the whole NAM process. It was awesome to see someone at the starting line, a baby in the process, and then Aiden who has made it to the finish line with great success. I was able to answer some questions for the families and even check out all the pictures that Dr. Garcia and Jose took of Aiden through the NAM process. It still amazes me how different he looks from the start of the NAM at about 10 weeks old till now when he is 8 months old and 6 weeks post-op. It is nice to put a face to a name when we think of Dr. Garcia's current patients, that Aiden paved the way for being the first. So, Catalina (bilateral) and Hunter (unilateral) and their entire families will be in our thoughts and prayers as they go through the ups and downs of dealing with the NAM and as Catalina prepares for her first surgery in 2 weeks. (And where was my camera for this moment? at home!!! UGH!!)
First NAM appointment with Dr. Garcia. Notice the lack of hair in the picture and how little he looks. Well, he was never really little, but much smaller then now. 10 weeks old, May 2008.

Now, Nov 11th, 8 months old with LOTS of crazy hair, no more NAM, and 6 weeks post-op from his surgery. The redness on his scar looks like a zit but it is from where the stitch is trying to spit out.

It was a crazy road but worth it all in the long run. Hopefully both Catalina and Hunter's families will feel the same way when it is all said and done. And hopefully the next time we cross paths I will have my darn camera.

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