Sunday, November 9, 2008

Guess Who Got Their 1st Tooth?

Ok, so it isn't Dale, Andrew, Alexis, or myself since we have a whole mouth full already, so it must be Aiden. YEAH for Aiden!!! I have been checking his mouth almost daily but really only running my fingers along his bottom gum, afraid to really mess with the top since his palate/gum line repair 5 1/2 weeks ago. Still nothing on the bottom but then I noticed that one of the Haberman nipples had a hole on the side and was squirting me in the face when I was trying to feed him this morning. Even though he won't let me put the nipple in his mouth while he is eating, he loves to chew on the nipples when I am done feeding him. I braved checking the top since I know he does not like his top gum line touched since the surgery and that is when I felt it. At first I thought maybe it was just a stitch or something else, but then with further investigation and hanging him upside which he loved every moment of (::sarcasm::), I found that it truly was a tooth. It is on his right side and I really don't know which tooth it is. It is farther over then what a front tooth should be, but is that because of the cleft or is it another tooth all together? Who knows. Of course the other kiddos had to come over and check it out while I still had him hanging upside down. He was looking at us all like we were crazy. Then Andrew asks, "Who are you going to call first, Mom?" He knows me all too well. Of course Daddy was first on the list, then my blogging friends, and then I am off to call my Mom and sisters. It's the little things in life that bring us joy each day.


  1. How exciting! Yeah for Aiden!

    Last week, when I was looking at Rachel's top teeth, where her cleft in her gum is, I noticed she had a tooth that came in and grew completely sideways into the other part of her cleft gum. Kinda hard to explain. But we think it might be a tooth we thought she didn't have!! LOL. Not sure how long it's been there, but it's there!

  2. Congrats to Mr. Aiden! How exciting! I guess that means he's got more on the way, and hopefully doesn't have a difficult time with teething. Good luck there.

    On to the camera, it's a canon digital slr. It is an awesome camera, we love it! Have fun finding the right one, you'll enjoy it!