Monday, June 1, 2009


........this is going to be a crazy fast post with lots of pictures. (better then my long winded, void of picture, posts if I might say myself!!

Andrew celebrated his 10th birthday on the 27th. I AM A MOM TO A DOUBLE DIGIT KID!!! Since we were having a birthday party on the following Sunday we just quickly got him an ice cream cake for the night of his birthday. I forgot the candles so we used a pretzel for the #1 and the 0 from Dale's 4-0. That night they kids were all grouchy for some reason and worn out from swim lessons.
On Thursday night we went to the Inland Empire 66ers minor league baseball game with some families from the school. Aiden had been one time last season but was too young to really enjoy it. He loved getting to roam around and see all the new sights. Love his smile!
Andrew got the chance to hang out with his buddies from school and make lots of noise while rooting on their local team.
Alexis' favorite person at the ballpark: Bernie, the mascot, who gave her a kiss through the net.
She even got picked to run the bases against Bernie during the 4th inning in an event called, "The Mascot Dash."
She sailed around the bases without a care for all the people watching her.
She won against Bernie and got a shiny, gold trophy to prove it.
Aiden on the other hand wasn't so sure about this big, hairy guy named Bernie, and tried to keep his distance as much as possible.
Thursday night was a super late night and that set us up for a tiring recoop on Friday in preparation for Andrew's pool party on Saturday. He had orginally invited 3 friends (the number Dale and I had wanted so as to not be responsible for too many swimmers), which quickly turned into 5 friends once word of mouth got around that he was having a party. They all had a wonderful time. Check out this action shot of Andrew on the left hand side of the picture.

Then it was time for all the boys to line up for their action shot. Mighty impressed with my quick clicking finger. Only took two attempts to get this one.
All smiles from the birthday boy.
All was fun and games till we got kicked out of the pool. Yep, we got kicked out! Once I brought the food out it was considered a full-fledged party that I need a permit for. Who knew? Not me. So, we dried off and all came back to the SMALL condo. 6 ten year olds, a 4 year old, a 1 year old and 4 adults in less then 1100 square feet. Cozy!!!
I thought his cupcake cake turned out awesome!!! And all the kids LOVED the sugar of course.
Sister even tried to get in on the action and help blow out the candles.
Andrew scored on the Lego Star Wars sets and felt the need to do a little pose to show them off.
The excitiment for the night did not end there. As we walked the kids back to the pool to be picked up by their parents since that was the original arrangement, a tow truck was about to hook up and tow away one of the birthday guest's dad's car. He had left with the other parents to go out while we had the kids and had parked his car in a no-no zone. I ran in behind the tow truck and in front of the car in an attempt to stop the guy from taking the car. He demaded that I move but I knew the dad would be there in less then 5 minutes to get his car and wanted to spare him the $391 cost of getting it from the tow yard!! The tow truck man threatened to call the police and I vowed to stand my ground till they got there knowing full well the father would get there before the police were even in route.
What an eventful night. Kicked out of the pool and blocking a car from a tow truck!! Boy did I need a tylenol when I got back to the house.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I am swamped with teaching and end of the year activities, so I have been neglecting my blogging recently. I do read each of your posts but can't seem to find the time to comment like I used to. Can't wait for the 11th when the kids go on summer break and I can get back to blogging about my oh so exciting life.


  1. WOW, love all the pics!!! Great shot of the kids jumping in the pool! You're right - quick finger! And the cake - it's so cool!!! I was like, "Cupcakes??" Glad you showed that angle so we could tell. That must've been fun taking it apart!

    Well, missy, you and I share the exact same anniversary, in the same year! July 12th, 2003! And dang, it WAS hot here in Washington too! My mom made little paper fans, but that was nothing against the non-air conditioned reception room. Yuck! Nothing like a sweaty bride, huh? What a koinky-dink! : )

    That's so sweet about the part with Andrew in your wedding. I've seen that in a few other weddings, and you're right - it is such a special moment!

    Ok, gotta put my boy to bed. It's WAY past bedtime. Great pics & recap! Oh yeah, and love the preztel. Go MacGyver!

  2. I love all the wonderful pictures in this post. It looks like you guys do a lot of fun things as a family. You are a great mom! And geesh, what a day you must have had getting kicked out of the pool and blocking the tow truck! How funny!

  3. In the 3rd picture Aiden looks so much like Alexis did at that age.
    Great action shots!
    What drama...I would have needed more that some tylenol.
    Still waiting for classroom wall pictures :) No pressure.

  4. I loved your post and all the pictures. I couldn't believe when I read about Andrew and the M & Ms. How embarassing for him. He will get over and probably be bragging about it by Sunday. Aiden is just a doll and has the sweetest smile. Love you all!!!! Nana/Mom