Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Swimmers and Sunbathers

On Thursday we had the opportunity to go to the pool as a family for the first time this summer. This would be Aiden's first experience ever and I was certain he would love it since he is a lover of all things water (ie: he loves taking a bath or shower, playing in the toilet, playing in the dog's water dish.) Here he is anxiously waiting to head out the door.Dad, it looks like a beautiful day to go swimming, but I am going to need some sunscreen.Not so rough on my chipmunk cheeks, Dad.This big bathtub is NOT as fun as the one at home. It took about 10 minutes for him to calm down and start to enjoy the experience.Finally, happy face, floating around in his Swim Canopy.As an interesting side note: When Dale opened the packaging for the Swim Canopy, papers went flying. Amongst the coupons and instructions was this interesting brochure all about supporting Operation Smile. I had no idea that our little purchase from the Swim Ways products would put a smile on our little guys face while also benefiting someone else's smile. :) So, if you see these products in your store and want to help out as you purchase something you need, know that it will be going to a good cause.

At the end of our swimming time we got all dried off and ready to go home.....
....but not without a little sunbathing time just like big brother and sister.This is the perfect ending to a wonderful time at the pool.


  1. How fun -- at least after Aiden got use to the water! And I love that pic of him sun bathing with his bro and sis!!

  2. Looks like fun! I am glad Dale got to enjoy it too.