Thursday, June 18, 2009

Up, Up, and Away!

We are not big movie goers, mainly because it takes an arm and leg to afford to go and because two of my three kiddos do not know how to sit still long enough to make a movie enjoyable. We decided to give it a go and try and see UP! IT WAS AN AWESOME MOVIE!!! It was still super expensive, but very good. We had purchased discounted tickets from a fund raiser, making the tickets $6.50 each instead of $8.50. But, when we got there expecting to be saving $2 per ticket holder we were informed that the cost of the 3D movie was $2 more per ticket, even with these special passes. So, we ended up coughing up the $8 and went on our merry way. We had packed snacks but for some reason my family can not pass up the movie theater popcorn, so we grabbed a large bag with a free refill and made our way into the movie.

Suprisingly Aiden and Alexis were pretty good during the movie. Not too much jumping around, squeeking, or crying. After all they couldn't do those things while I was shoving peanut butter crackers and M&Ms down their throats. Bribbery that I am sure I will pay for later when they are hyped out on sugar.

I wish I had been more prepared for the movie in terms of how emotional it would make me. Thank goodness I am not a hormonal cry baby these days or we would have been in big trouble. Thank goodness those beautiful 3D glasses are great at hiding the mist in your eyes, that is if I had some mist in my eyes.

So, if you get a chance to see the movie (and the bank loan to afford it), don't forget that I warned you that it can be an emotional movie. If you don't tear up at all then just forget everything I have told you, maybe I am just a super hormonal cry baby.

**********WARNING: To Heather and all other non-Oregon loving people, Oregon pictures to follow!!!

Look back now!!

Don't say I didn't warn you!!!

This is your final warning!!!!!!!

For Christmas last year Auntie Dawn and Uncle Ralph bought each of the kiddos an Oregon shirt. Well, they finally all fit the kids at the same time so I couldn't resist a quick photo of the three of them on the couch.And since Daddy owns his very own Oregon shirt, he was pursuaded to put his on when he got home from work and then was attacked by the mamarazi. Can't you tell he is thrilled to be getting his picture taken?
Ok, if you looked away from the Oregon pictures, it is now safe to resume reading. No more Oregon pictures will be featured in this post.

I have a feeling we will be visiting B&N this coming weekend. Andrew has finished all three of the novels that he started last Friday, all averaging about 300 pages each. He just fell in love with these books and couldn't put them down. He spent the entire day in MY bed, devouring the words on the pages of his book. The deal was that he couldn't get this book that he REALLY wants (I have since been informed that it is a SERIES of books he REALLY wants) until he finished all the books at home that had been waiting to be read. So, now that he is finished I guess it is time for me to live up to my end of the deal and make a trip to B&N. Between B&N and the movies I think I need to get a summer job.

Oh the good ol' days of curling up with a good book and shutting out everything going on around me. Oh wait, that was pre-kiddo days. One can dream can't they?


  1. Oh my goodness, we LOVED the movie too! I cried and my husband even shed a few tears! Very emotional... loved loved loved it!

  2. The kids went to see Up a few weeks ago with their Godparents. They really liked it, but since they took them John and I didn't get to see it.....sad, sad, sad!

    My oldest also has his nose stuck in a book. Right now he is still pretty obsessed with Magic Tree House. But he is also just a first grader. The craziest thing is that he is reading at a 4th grade level, so some of the stuff on his reading level isn't on "his level" if you understand what I mean.

  3. We did the whole "Up" thing too, and did take out a loan (credit to do it...and cried my eyes out! GREAT movie though...I don't think it gets better than this one.