Friday, June 19, 2009

Prayers Needed

I am not even sure how to write this post because my heart is so heavy. Having personally known the loss of the most important person in my life, my dad, I know all too well how Kelly is feeling right now with the loss of her mom. But, add in the mix with that the emotions that come with helping your child recover from surgery and I think that would send me over the edge.

Though Gavin was off to a tough start in his recovery with feeding difficulty, he seems to be doing much better now according to Kelly. But she on the other hand is devastated to have learned that her mom died in a plane crash on Wednesday.

I would ask that each of you please lift Kelly, Matt, Gavin and the entire extended family up in prayer as they go through this very difficult season in life. It is so hard to deal with the loss of a family member who was so intrical in your everday life. You have to learn a new normal, a normal you do not want to have to create but that is forced upon you.

I wish there was more that I could do. Prayer, though it is powerful, just doesn't seem like enough right now. But, not knowing her in real life makes that a little bit harder since we just met online a month ago. I also remember people telling me to let them know if I needed anything. Well, what I needed was for my dad or my brother to be brought back to me, obviously something they can't do. So, I find myself in a hard place, wanting to help, but not knowing what to do more then just to pray for them right now. If you could please do the same I know it would be appreciated.


  1. Oh wow, what a tragedy! I'll definitely say a prayer for your friend.

  2. That is so sad Joy, I will make sure to pray.