Friday, June 12, 2009

Preschool Memories

This past week has been a crazy week for Alexis and the rest of the family. She had participated in a preschool Mom and Me class called T.U.B.S. So, on Wed. night they had a little circus party and gave each of the kids a certificate for completing the program. She even got her named pulled out during the raffle and won this fabulous (sarcasm) prize that includes over 1,000 pieces (says that right on the front and they weren't kidding). It is an Activity Super Chest with markers, stamps, paint, and much more. But my favorite, the supplies to make TONS of beaded necklaces or braclets. I know she and I will have fun with it, but come on, 1,000 pieces might be a bit much!!
Her teacher, Ms. Veronica, dressed up like the master of ceremonies at a circus for their fun filled evening. She has such a great personality and does so much for the kids.
After our late night at Wed. night's circus (literally and figuratively), we got to sleep in a little on Thurs. morning since she didn't have to be to school till 8:15 instead of 7:30. They had a cute little performance with a few songs and then passed out certificates to the kiddos. (Alexis is on the top righthand side.
They sang, You Are My Sunshine while they held up these cute sun faces. Love her long eyelashes on her sun. :)
Then they were each called up and given a very adorable certificate. The poem on it was awesome so I thought I would share it with you.
You're a Special Person
You're a very special person,
And we wanted you to know,
How much we enjoyed being your teachers.
How fast the year did go!
Please come back to visit us
As through the grades you grow,
Try hard to learn all that you can
There is so much to know!
The one thing we tried to teach you
To last your whole life through
Is to know that you are SPECIAL
There is no one else like you!
Ms. Regalado with AlexisMrs. Anderson with Alexis

Now my little girl is getting ready to start a new chapter in her life, Kindergarten, in the fall and she can't wait!!!

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  1. Wow! Another milestone - kindergarten! I remember my mom crying each time one of us began kindergarten and I know I'm going to be the same way. I tend to be a cry-baby. It's so great that Alexis got to go to preschool and had such a wonderful time. I love my preschool memories and think that it is a great way for kids to learn social skills in addition to their education.