Monday, June 8, 2009



Today marks the 7th anniversary of our first kiss, now known as our kissiversary. On this night 7 years ago we had gone out to chinese food, taken a walk around the neighborhood, and then gone back to his house for me to get my car and head home. And then IT happened and the rest is history.

So, tonight we celebrated our kissiversary by going out to chinese for dinner (any excuse to not have to cook on a working week night). I have been craving some REAL chinese food, not the fast food, americanized stuff. The kind we used to get when I was a kid going to Sen Yeng's. Yummy wonton soup with crispy noodles, the egg roll appetizers, the tea, the bowls of endless rice, and then huge plates of entrees, followed by a fortune cookie of course. And nothing came from a warming plate as I walked down the case with a tray, it was brought to my table for me to enjoy with my hunny (and the three restless children who very much would have preferred something more fast food style).

And so this night will end with another kiss as we mark this 7th kissiversary. *MUAH*


  1. Aaawww! I will have to figure out our kissiversary. It should be coming up soon. Let's see we meet July 23rd soooooo we first kissed on...July 27th. 15 years ago and as you say the rest is history...we just celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary ~ May 31st.

  2. Congrats, congrats!! Never thought about our Kissiversary... ours is on June 25th and it'll be 8 years! Woohoo. Love your post -- too cute. : )