Friday, June 26, 2009

Chipmunk and Stuntman

I couldn't resist posting this picture of my little guy with his button nose and chipmunk cheeks that look like he is doing some serious storing for the winter. He may look all nice and innocent here, but this is just the beginning.Kicking back, doing the no leg thing. But that isn't good enough either.Now moving on to a more challenging stunt, no hands and sitting on the backing. But wait, that isn't good enough either.
Look mom, NO HANDS!!
And the object of his desires: Getting closer to the TV. This child can not be mine if he loves Star Wars.
Look at these adorable blue eyes and how awesome his lip scar looks. We are super pleased with the outcome of his repair.
I finally remembered to bring in my camera for Andrew's trumpet lessons. His teacher, Mr. Johansen, loves two things in life (well I am sure there are more, but two are super evident). He has a love for music, trumpets inparticular, and PIGS. His whole studio is lined with pigs. Flying pigs, stuffed pigs, pig lights, pictures of pigs, figurines of pigs. You name it, he has a pig doing it.
He is a major story teller and I think half the lesson is spent listening to him talk. Hopefully as time goes on we can get into more playing and less talking. Andrew is really enjoying the lessons but not all the practicing. I think I work him too hard sometimes but I just want him to be successful at what he loves. We are working on scales, a few short songs, and currently Mickey Mouse Club House. It is coming along and I am hoping to post a video once he has mastered the song.

Andrew thinks he looks a little like Santa Claus. I happened to know Mr. Johansen from my college years (he was a professor of music at my university but has since retired). All I remember is that his long mustache and beard made it hard to understand him sometimes. I swear he can hide half a trumpet in his mustache when he goes to play it. But besides the resemblance to Santa Clause due to the serious mustache and beard, and his love of pigs, I know that Mr. Johansen will really help Andrew blossom as a trumpet player.


  1. With Aidan lack of fear it would seem that the cleft scar will not be his last. Has he climbed up the refrigerator yet?
    Like father - like son.

    Keep up the good work with Andrew (step-mom - ha ha!) He will thank you later.

  2. Aiden looks amazing! What a cutie! Jackson scares me too with his daredevil antics...