Friday, June 12, 2009

There's a New 5th Grader in Town

In Aug of 2008 I sent Andrew off to 4th grade. Greeting his teacher, Ms. Nelson on the first day of school.
He excelled through out the year (though there were bumps along the way), and received lots of awards, not only for academics, but for citizenship, and attendance.
Finishing off his 4th grade year with Ms. Fletchall (Ms Nelson had a baby).
And this 'little man' came home yesterday as a grown up 5th grader.
When I first started teaching in 2000, he was only one year old. I had this class filled with 5th graders and could not for the life of me imagine Andrew, my little man, being a 5th grader himself. And now that time has come.
Little blast from the past - Andrew's Kindergarten picture. TOO CUTE!!!!


  1. Yay Andrew! Good job this year! And good job Momma!

  2. You have a lot to be proud of! And what a cute kindergarten picture of Andrew! I had to laugh when I saw that his teacher's name was Ms. Nelson. It reminds me of the book, Miss Nelson is Missing. It was a student favorite when I was an elementary librarian!

  3. I know it will be here before I know it....and I can't believe in a few days I will have a second grader. But a fifth grader. OH MY!!!

    Love the kindergarten picture. Sad how quickly they grow up, but I can see you are raising a sweet young man! Congrats on Fifth Grade!!!