Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday marked the 7th anniversary of my Dad's passing. It was a bitter sweet day, remembering all the good times, but then knowing that this day signified a sad ending to a great man's life. Each year doesn't necessarily get easier, I have just learned new skills for dealing with it. Today is Great Grandpa Howse's 102 birthday!!!! You read that right 1-0-2! This picture was taken when we went back to Indiana to celebrate his 100th birthday. I really wish we could be there today, joining in on the celebration, and singing him Happy Birthday Howse style (trust me you are not missing out if you never have to experience this one in person, Andrew is still traumatized from the first time he was exposed). HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA HOWSE. WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!
Tomorrow will mark our 7th anniversary since Dale and I started dating. We met in 1998 when I was pregnant with Andrew and became close friends fast. We maintained that friendship when I moved down to San Diego and then life brought me back up to Redlands were we became even closer friends. Those around us thought we were a married couple the way we acted together and how Dale was just so natural with Andrew. My dad always said he knew Dale was the right guy for me the first time he met him. And Dale's Grandpa (the one who is 102 now) told me I was accepted as one of the family before Dale and I were even dating. It came as no suprise to the world when we finally started dating on June 8th, 2002, just two days after my dad passed away. Not sure what caused Dale to finally initiate the first kiss, but there was no looking back from that moment on. From then on out we knew not only were we now dating, we were planning a wedding, and spending the rest of our lives together. I could not imagine being with anyone other then my best friend.
**(Darcy gets brownie points if she can tell me where this next picture was taken.)
Hope everyone has fond memories of yesterday, celebrates today with passion, and enjoys the tomorrows for as long as we are given them.


  1. Wow, what incredible things to celebrate! Can't believe your grandpa is 102!!! That is absolutely amazing! Talk about longevity genes!!!!

    You've had so much happen in the last 7 years- your Dad's passing, meeting Dale. And for it all to have occurred within a couple days. Wow. A lot to remember and celebrate. Thinking of you. Hope you are well. Hugs, Anna

  2. With all your strong family ties you are gonna LOVE UP! Take tissues. I love your family btw, its so close and your love for everyone just shines.

  3. Reading your blog brought back similar memories for me. I started dating Matt in December 2001 - a few months before you and Dale got together. And I love how you and Dale are not only husband and wife, but best friends. Matt and I are best friends as well and I think that is so important.

    And I understand the bittersweet feeling of the anniversary of the passing of a loved one. My grandpa passed away just before I got pregnant and that was really hard for all of us, as he was the beloved patriarch of our family. Gavin got his middle name - Earl - from my grandpa (and Matt's grandpa as well).

    You seem to have a very close and loving family. How wonderful!

  4. Can I tell Darci where the picture was taken? :)

  5. I think I know where it was taken....