Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't Spend Too Much Money Hunny....

......those were Dale's last words to me as he went back to work from his lunch break and as I was heading out the door to go to Lakeshore, a local teacher supply store. I *HEART* THAT PLACE and could spend hours there and LOTS of $$$. Since I am long term subbing in a classroom I have decided to change out a few bulletin boards. Many of you would say, "Why would you waste the time, effort, and money when there is only two and half weeks left?" Well, the answer is, "I AM SICK OF LOOKING AT THE SAME BULLETIN BOARDS!!" That might seem a bit dramatic for you but wait till you hear the whole story.

The teacher I am subbing for was Andrew's second AND third grade teacher (gotta love combos and then she just couldn't stand to give him up for his third grade year). Andrew is now in the 4th grade and, I kid you not, SHE HAS THE SAME BOARDS UP FROM HIS SECOND GRADE YEAR, maybe even longer!! That means for three years now the same things have been on the wall, minus a few changes in the kids writing, but not much.

She is a great teacher, but when it comes to room environment she doesn't grade well in my book. I have wanted the opportunity for three years now to rescue her but didn't feel it was appropriate when I was just the room mom. And, I never felt like I had enough time when I was just subbing a day here and there for her. But now? YIPEEE!!! I even asked her before I would accept the long term job, "if I accept the job does that mean I can anything I want with the classroom?" To which she replied, "You can do anything you want, whenever you want. My classroom is always your classroom."

So with her permission and Dale's warning that I am only making sub pay and not to spend my entire paycheck in one place, I loaded up Aiden and made my way to paradise Lakeshore. We practically had the place to ourselves since I am sure not too many teachers are thinking about their classrooms on this fine Memorial Day, let alone redecorating them when there is only a few days left in the school year. Aiden wasn't super cooperative since I wasn't sensitive to his nap time, but we managed to make it out of there with the paper, borders, and other misc things I NEED. I was even able to get Alexis and Andrew's summer workbooks, which I am sure they will be super jazzed to see when they get back from the pool with their Nana. Gotta keep those minds fresh, even during the summer months.

Here's to hoping that Dale will be in a mood to watch the kiddos or at least join me in the classroom this afternoon to get the groundwork laid for the boards I have envisioned in my head. I would love for the students to walk in tomorrow and have their first change of scenery all year long. And maybe, just maybe, I will remember to take my camera and take some pictures so I can share them with you since I know you all live for pictures of classroom bulletin boards.


  1. sounds like so much fun! I truly miss doing my bulletin boards. Little tip....use fabric as the backing. It goes up so much easier than butcher block and looks good for a long time.

    Enjoy your relaxing bulletin board time-I am a little, well a lot, jealous (only a fellow teacher who is currently staying at home and so missing the classroom would be able to say that!)

  2. Hi! I came across your blog while browsing the blogs of some of my new cleft friends. My precious son, Gavin, was born with a unilateral cleft lip. We didn't know if the palate was going to be affected as well, but it was not. He is scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Martin on June 15, one day before he is 3-months. I read that Dr. Martin did your son's surgery and that was encouraging because he looks great! Your family is absolutely beautiful!
    On another note, I enjoyed reading about the bulletin boards because I can't wait to do that myself! I finished all of my credential courses in December and still just have the TPA's and CSET left to take before I am done. I put them off to give birth and spend some time at home with Gavin. But I am looking forward to teaching!