Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Self-Proclaimed Old Man

I am now officially married to a self-proclaimed old man. An old man that I actually got a good smile from when posing for a picture with his cake. We celebrated his birthday with the kids on Friday since we would be going out on Saturday night with some friends for dinner. Celebrations included homemade mini-pizzas, cake with lemon filling, and a movie; just the way daddy likes it, surrounded by his family.

On Saturday, Dale's actually birthday, we spent a very leisure morning making breakfast (something Dale rarely gets to do since he leaves the house at 4 or 5 a.m. every morning), laid around and watched cartoons, and then got ready to go out and do some shopping after lunch and Aiden's nap. We took daddy to Kohl's for a shopping spree. A couple pairs of pants, a few shirts, and some new perfume. Oh wait, that last one was a late Mother's Day present for me.
After coming back home from our excursion to Kohl's we relaxed and took a nap hurried up and cleaned up the house and finished some laundry to get ready for the babysitter to come over. Around 5, Jennifer came over and got the last minute instructions for the kiddos (being the obsessive complusive mom that I am, I had already typed up a full page of instructions for the evening). After big hugs from Andrew and Alexis, and trying to avoid an Aiden meltdown, we slipped out the door and got on our way to the restaurant we would be meeting our friends at. We had gotten a call earlier in the day that one of the couples would not be able to join us since the wife was not feeling well (we really missed you guys and hope we can get together in the near future). So, we made our way to Tokyo Wako to meet up with Greg and Jen.
Dale is a huge fan of Japanese cuisine (not the veggies of course), and was excited to give this new place a try. Our favorite Japanese restaurant, Yamazatos had closed recently, and Dale was going through withdraws. This place was good, but nothing ever compares with the food and chef Arturo from Yamazatos.
When it came time for ice cream, the waitresses brought out a Samurai Warrior costume for Dale to put on, a candle in the YUMMY green tea ice cream, sang a Japanese version of happy birthday, and even took a picture of the four of us to remember Dale's special 40th birthday celebration.

I love you VERY much Dale, and thank God daily that you are MY husband. I could never ask for a better man for me and for the kiddos. I hope you know through not only our words but also our actions how much we love and appreciate you!!


  1. Looks like a great celebration! Happy Birthday Dale! Hope the next year is filled with many blessings for you!

  2. sounds like you had a great birthday!!! We sure are sorry that we couldn't make dinner...I hope that maybe sometime in the future we can get together for dinner!!

    Love you guys!!!

  3. Sounds like a great birthday weekend!!

  4. These pictures are great! I am so glad that Dale had a great birthday and wishing him a very happy year ahead!!! Love from your favorite mother-in-law!