Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Fundraising Fun Chaos

Fundraising is still in full swing and we are quickly approaching our deadline of June 1st. I had the local newspaper contact me today to give her more details and some quotes for the article she is working on. I am REALLY hoping that this will give us the publicity we need to get some corporate donations. I am to call her back after Andrew gets home from school so she can get a quote from him as well.

When she asked me what types of things we had already done I started rattling them all off to her: Spare Change Campaign, Online Magazine sales, Rubios Restaurant, See's Candy, Gold Canyon Candles, 2 movie nights, Race to Catalina, Orange Show Speedway race tickets, Ultimate Carpet Care discount, Big Cheese restaurant, Uncle Howie's restaurant night, school t-shirts, letters to local businesses/corporations, and of course the daily popsicle and student store sales. Things to come: Rummage sale, Fun Run, 66ers minor league baseball game, and continued popsicle and student store sales. Makes me tired all over again just thinking about all that we have done to raise the money.

Now if only I had had a third hand to take pictures of all these events so they could include something with their article. The only thing I am worried about with this article is the fact that they want to include a contact number if people want more information. It can't really be the school number since the office staff has shown a lack of enthusiasm for helping us out, so that leaves my number to be publicized. If it generates the remainder of the money we need then I guess it will be worth it have the phone ringing off the hook. Wish us luck. Nineteen more days to go.

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