Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One Down, How Many More To Go?

Well, Alexis is officially out of the woods and will return to school tomorrow. She has been fever free since yesterday at noon but I decided to have her stay home today so she could get her energy level back up. She has been eating and drinking like crazy and driving me crazy, so life is back to normal for her.

Aiden on the other hand has taken his place in line and decided he should be next for this whole crazy viral bug. The magic number for him seems to be 102.8 as well. He started with it last evening and struggled all night long. Today has pretty much been sleeping, forced waking to eat and/or drink and then more sleeping. I am really staying on top of the liquids so we don't end up with another urgent care visit and IV fluids.

Now praying that Dale, Andrew, and I will be able to avoid the bug and the line can end here.

On other news: Aiden is scheduled for his lumbar u/s tomorrow for his sacral dimple. They aren't worried about it but would like a baseline image just in case there are issues in the future. Well, today I got a call for confirmation of his appointment tomorrow with a 10:30 check in. We went over the time, location, and co-pay and then she dropped the bomb: "Oh, due to the recent swine flu, no siblings will be allowed to come to the appointment. There are administrators at the door stopping all non-essential persons from entering the hospital." Well, that throws a major monkey wrench in the whole day. I specifically asked when I made the appointment if siblings could come along because it is impossible for me to get a sitter on a Wed. I know she didn't plan the whole swine flu thing, but what am I suppose to do now? She said I could come to the appointment and try to get in but she was 95% sure they would turn me away. Do I even bother wasting my time or just cancel and wait for another day? Wed. is the only day they do pediatric u/s so rescheduling really isn't an option. Or at least not an option till this whole swine flu thing is over.
Other, other news: Today marks the one month anniversary since my brother's passing. It is so hard to believe that he has now been gone a full month. It is hard to believe that he is even gone at all. I miss my emails to and from him, I miss the cell phone pictures of his latest going ons, but mostly I miss hearing his voice on the phone. He always made me laugh when things were tough and could lighten the mood at just the right time. He is greatly missed!!

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  1. Since you're posing the questions to your blog readers....

    I think since AIden has a fever, you should cancel the appointment and reschedule. Right now his immune system is fighting something and you certainly don't want to expose him to anything new the hospital corridors might have to offer. Especially with the increased cases of the Swine Flu appearing in San Bernardino.

    I'm praying no one else gets it in your family and that tonight brings you good sleep...