Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yo-Yo Fever

Alexis' fever was holding steady at 102.8 for the longest time and now, it is a yo-yo. She woke up this morning and it was still pretty elevated. She had no desire to eat or drink and of course fought me again taking some Tylenol. At 8:30 I called the urgent care preregistration line to get an appointed time so I could hopefully avoid hours of waiting. Knowing Dale was coming home early, I got a time of 1:00. And then we waited at home to see what the day would hold.

By 10:00 her fever started to drastically decline and her mood drastically increase. A step in the right direction. She was asking for something to drink and wanted crackers (it was a start). She then asked to play on the computer - glimpses of the old Alexis started cracking through. At 12:00 when Dale got home her temp had been in the 'normal range' for over 2 hours. So, we decided to cancel the priority urgent care appointment and let it continue to run it's course, thinking the worst was behind us.

We then ventured out to do some much needed quick shopping. She didn't want to walk, saying her legs were weak, and I could understand why since she hadn't eaten much more then 3 crackers in 48 hours. By the time we were winding down she was a down right whining mess.

When we entered the house I immediately took her temp again because she had the return of her rosy cheeks. Once again it was elevated, at 101.9. She wanted nothing more then to head straight to her bed. She slept for the next 4 hourse straight and then came out to the living room long enough to get a few sips of her drink, have her temp taken (back down to 99.6), and then back to bed.

So, no school for her tomorrow, though she will have to tag along for my fundraising duties in the afternoon. Hoping her yo-yo temperature will find the bottom and stay there. And there might be an urgent care priority appointment in the cards for tomorrow. Crossing fingers and saying my prayers that no one else catches this bug.

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