Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon

Alexis is not out of the woods like I had first thought. Today she got up and desperately wanted to go to preschool. The doctor at urgent care said she felt she could go with no problems. Well, she barely made it off to school without whining the entire time and only eating a few bites of cereal. She did fine according to her teacher but showed her true colors when I picked her up.

She was tired, whining, and just had no energy to even walk. She fell asleep any time she stood still long enough. She came straight home at the end of the day and asked to go lay down. That was at 3:30 (see the stuff below to fill in the blanks from 10:30-3:30) and she had to be forced awake for dinner and fluids. She ate one bite of chicken and some rice and then asked to go back to sleep. She is there now and I am baffled as to what I should do, if anything.

I called her pediatrician and they said to let her sleep off whatever she has, but to force fluids and make sure she is going pee at least once every 8 hours. We currently have an appointment for Friday morning but will go earlier if she seems to take a worse turn.


I called at 10 this morning to cancel Aiden's sacral dimple u/s that was scheduled for a 10:30 check-in, 11:00 appointment. She really didn't want to have to cancel it so she told me that they would make an exception and allow his sibling to come with him. I really didn't want to have to go but I made the mad dash getting things ready and picking up Alexis from preschool. By the time I made it to Loma Linda, we were running late and I had to park in the last row of the parking lot and hussle in to register Aiden. (Remember I am carrying Aiden and letting Alexis ride in the stroller since she has no energy). We finally got called back around 11:45, where the tech said, "so, we are doing an u/s on his kidneys today.?." WHAT? No, not his kidneys, his sacral dimple. "Oh, well then I better go consult with the doctor and see what we should do." 10 minutes later they have come to the conclusion that he needs his sacral dimple u/s and not his kidneys but then discuss that they never do them on babies older then 4 months old. FOUR MONTHS? He is fourTEEN months old. So, they agree to do it but don't sound very promising. At this point I just want to go home and crawl into bed with my kiddos.

Aiden was as cooperative as a fourteen month old can be when being held down and a wand with goop being rubbed up and down his back and into places goop should never go. They said his doctor should have the results by Monday, but if their past is any indicator of future behavior, I expect to have to nag them to death to find out what the results are.

As far as his fever - he has been fine all day long and only seems to have a runny nose and some discharge from his ear. I am going to keep an eye on that ear and start drops at the first sign of infection.


Andrew has his final band performance tomorrow night. He hasn't been practicing as much as I think he should be, but has a pretty good handle on the songs they are playing. Dale is looking forward to being able to watch this performance since tomorrow is his day off. I am looking forward to getting some good pictures and hopefully some video of it as well.


The next few days are going to be super busy and I am tired just thinking about all that has to be done. More fundraiser stuff at school. I am just praying I keep my sanity through it all. As Dale says, all training for becoming PTO president next year. Not so sure I could do that job and stay sane but something needs to change at our school.

I promise the next post will have pictures. I have just lost my love of picture taking in the past month and I REALLY need to get it back because I am missing milestones in the kids life. Not sure where the passion went, but I want it back. :(


  1. We have it too....I am home today with Reid...fever all last night and gross nose. No discharge from the ear....yet. I pray we can get away without an infection this time. Praying you are all well, soon!!!!!

  2. Good grief, Joy!! The medical drama in your house never ends!! What on earth is going on with Alexis? And what on earth is wrong with some of the doctors you see? Geez, you'd think they could get things straight! I'm amazed that Aiden did so well, though!

    Can't wait to hear how Andrew's concert went! My rehearsal went pretty well today - well, at least behavior wise. There are still a lot of details that probably won't happen by tomorrow, but I just have to LET GO. : )

    At this point, I know a slide show isn't going to happen. I have too much to do and no time to do it. It might have worked if Chad wasn't having to work late everyday this week! Ugh. And who can get stuff done with a crawling/cruising almost 1-year-old on their hands???

    Dang, he's headed for the DVD player as we speak. Or as I type, I should say. I'll be interested to hear the news on his dimple!