Saturday, May 2, 2009

102.8 and Holding Steady

Starting yesterday afternoon, Alexis started complaining of not feeling good. She was achy, coughing, and just tired. She ended up falling asleep before dinner on the living room floor. A major thing for a girl who NEVER naps. We woke her up when dinner was ready and had her sit at the table. She sat there silent (also unusual) and occasionally asked to go to bed. So after about five minutes and absolutely no eating going on (another clue something wasn't right since this girl can eat), she headed toward the room. She was asleep within minutes and was not heard from again until morning.

She was my first one up this morning and seemed to be in good spirits. But, very quickly started showing signs of not feeling well. She would play for a few moments and then ask to go back to bed. She would sleep for 45 mins and then come play again.

Each time I took her temp it was holding steady around 100.5 but as the day progressed she slowly started climbing. It has now been hanging out at 102.8, even after a few doses of Tylenol.

She is refusing to eat or drink anything, even when offered her favorite foods. What she did try didn't taste right she said.

Finally after several naps, a steady fever, no eating or drinking, I decided to call nurse advice. They asked their typical questions, getting her history and vital signs, and then proceeded to tell me to monitor her till Monday unless the fever went as high as 104 or if she stopped urinating or crying tears.

So, we continue to be on fever and dehydration watch. Please pray that she will make a turn around soon so we can avoid urgent care where there are tons of germs flying around.

**On unrelated news: There is a confirmed case of the Swine Flu at the Middle School my best friend's daughter goes to. The same school that older siblings of our Elementary would go to. They are closing down for the whole week to do their thing. I have a feeling we haven't seen the worse yet when it comes to school closures.


  1. Oh my goodness, please let Alexis be safe from the Swing Flu!!! : ( I hope her fever breaks soon and she feels better. Poor thing.

  2. Oh no. Poor Alexis and Poor Mommy. Praying the fever goes down and she gets better quick!

    I think it's good the schools are taking the precautions and closing. I know it affects the school year and learning, etc, but it's for the best to prevent something from spreading so ramp-idly.

  3. Poor sweet girl! I hope she get's better soon.

  4. Poor Alexis! I hope your sweet baby girl feels better soon. We are sending good thoughts and well wishes her way.