Thursday, May 14, 2009

Check This Out!!

Yesterday's newspaper interview netted us a pretty big article in the local paper. (click on the link to take a look, you might recognize some of the names that quoted in the article) I am really hoping that this will increase our sales at the rummage sale this weekend and praying that some of the local businesses will see the article and pledge a donation. We already had one local dentist (my kiddos' dentist) call the school and ask how short we are of our goal. I highly doubt he will be donating $9,000 but any donation would be helpful. I will keep you posted as things progress.

On other news: I have accepted a long-term 3rd grade sub job (as if my plate wasn't full enough already) that starts tomorrow and will go to the end of the school year, which is June 11th. They are a great class and know me well since I have subbed for this teacher numerous times this year. The challenging is going to be trying to juggle my PTO duties, 4th grade fundraising coordinator positions, MOM, WIFE, and now full time teacher for the next 4 weeks. My goal is to not only accomplish all of that but to also make sure my kid still have clean underwear each day. That is a challenge.


  1. Whoa. Taking on a long term sub job! That's going to require you to be extra organized every evening! LOL. What are you going to do with Aiden everyday and Alexis after preschool??

  2. Oh, and wow! What an article!

  3. Can anyone say nervous breakdown?
    JK ~ If anyone can do it you can :)