Monday, April 27, 2009

When Will the Chaos End?

Well, I can answer my own question: June 1st at 4:00 p.m. That is the deadline for the 4th grade fundraising, the time where we need to show that we have raised over $17,000!!! So far we have raised almost $6,000, so we have a major uphill battle in the next 4 weeks.

**Warning: long ranting post with no pictures. My poor camera has felt neglected in the past 4 weeks. No picture of dentist appointments, swim evaluations, get togethers with friends, NOTHING. I am in a picture taking funk and can't seem to dig myself out.**

Now back to our regular scheduled rant:

They are trying to raise the money for the students to go to science camp in Sept. of their 5th grade year. Since they don't have any time to raise the money before the trip in 5th grade, that leaves the fundraising for 4th grade. Well, we had an informational meeting in Sept. to let the parents know that this year 100% would have to be paid for by the students through fundraising or personal checks in order for them to go since the district funds were drastically cut. That meeting was attended by maybe 20 parents (out of 120). Then , months and months went by with no communication from the school. A fundrasier would come home ever once and a while and Andrew eagerly participated (Thank you Nana for eagerly buying from each catalog). Each child has to either pay or fundraise the cost, which is $250/child!

Andrew so far has fundraised over $350, so he is paid for and then some. If each person would participate then there is no reason why it wouldn't be possible. And it is an all or nothing event, so if everyone else doesn't step up then Andrew won't be going either. But, instead, we have apathetic parents who have come to expect everything to be paid for like it has been in the past. We also have a total lack of communication on the part of the school administration with the 4th grade parents. We went from that meeting in Sept. till our next meeting in March with nothing being communicated in between. Now it is do or die time and placed squarely on our shoulders even though they dropped the ball during the school year.

So now we are left scrambling to figure out how to raise that kind of money in less then 8 weeks, now down to 5 weeks. And here is where the chaos began. I mentioned the apathetic parents already and it has only gotten worse. We had 15 parents show up to the March meeting (mostly repeats from the first). When we send home letters to get volunteers for a fundraiser we get only a few sheets back. This has left the fundraising up to, you guessed it, ME!! And, I am overwhelmed! Some parents have some ideas but aren't willing to make them happen. They would rather make a phone call to the fundraising coordinator (not sure how I earned that title) and then sit back and watch me take care of it all. How about a car wash, a rummage sale, a jog-a-thon, a movie night, a carnival, t-shirts, or selling snacks after school? Oh, and good luck doing it by yourself.

For the past 4 weeks, in the midst of mourning and preparing for my brother's memorial, I was overwhelmed with coordinating multiple events with partically zero help (my hubby has really been there for me when he can be, but not much more from anyone else). We have another event this coming Thurs. and once again it has been thrown on my plate to advertise it, get everything together, and then run the event. People don't understand that their 'simple' idea takes a lot of behind the scenes effort. This past weekend alone I spent over 20 hours working on flyers and tickets and logistics. Then this morning I was at the school at 7:15 making 650 copies and placing them all the teachers' boxes, having a meeting with the principal, the secretary, custodian, and 4th grade teachers all before 8:00. And then it was off to the store to buy ice, water, juice, and popsicles for the after school sale. Which means I am at the school 30 minutes each day after school to nickle and dime ourselves to $17,000.

And if I haven't said it before, I AM TIRED!!! I just want to crawl into my bed, pull up the covers and not come out for days. I know that is part of the mourning process. I know that I am overwhelmed. But most of all, I AM TIRED!!!

Here's to hoping that Thursday night is a success. We are having some local race car drivers bring their cars to the school for the kids to see up close and get pictures with. We will be selling hot dogs, nachos, drinks and whatever else I can pull together between now and Thurs. At what point do I walk away and throw my hands up? I can't keep doing this on my own! I can't keep putting my personal life on hold to raise money for everyone elses kids to go to camp! I can't ignore the mounding dishes and laundry much longer! And, most importantly, I can't keep telling my kids to leave me alone since I am busy working on school stuff!!! I am a stay at home mom so I can be there for them, not so I can be the fundraising coordinator for the school.

Guess I am in super need of a pep-talk and an attitude adjustment. Or, a huge donation of $11,000!! I didn't even make it through typing this post without having to stop and field a phone call about how much money we made at last night's pizza fundraiser. Everyone wants to know how much but no one wants to ask, 'how can I help?'

(Oh, I failed to mention that even after we get to $17,000 by June, we will still have to fundraise another $8,000 next year to cover the remaining cost, which totals about $25,000!)

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  1. Do you feel like you can't ask for help? You MUST! For anyone to think that one person can pull this off is definitely an unreasonable expectation. I understand how frustrating it must be to see other parents and families fall short when it comes to the efforts being made, especially when Andrew has worked so hard to meet and exceed his goal. You don't want to see him disappointed. It's time others join you in this effort. This is a tough situation. Normally I would have some suggestions to help solve a problem. If I knew more specifics, I would be happy to help you figure out a way to assertively demand some help. (Demand seems like too strong of a word, but nothing else seems to fit!) You have my email, right? If you want some help, let me know!