Monday, April 20, 2009

Lots of Cousin Time

Although this past weekend was a very bitter sweet occasion, we all enjoyed being able to see Kailee and Diddle (his given name is David, but we called him little D, which turned into Diddle over time, and he doesn't respond to being called David now). The last time we saw them was almost 3 years ago when Diddle was only 9 months old. Boy have they changed.
Diddle is all boy and loves to ride off all that energy. It doesn't matter if the bike is pink and purple, as long as it goes is all that matters.Kailee is also a go getter and enjoyed playing with all her girl cousins, which were more then happy to lavish her with lots of love and play time. Alexis and her were like two little peas in a pod and you would think they had played together often in the past the way they played so nicely together.
I know this isn't the best quality of pictures. You try getting a wiggly 13 month old to sit still in a strange environment and a 3 year old who is on the go to stop and pose for a picture. But, besides the poor quality of the picture I had to show you the beautiful baby blues on both the boys. Could just gobble them up.
Shayna (6), Alexis (4) and Kailee (5)
On Friday afternoon, my mom, sisters, and I went over to the church to get a few things done. While we were gone, Uncle Rob and Uncle George bravely agreed to watch all the kiddos. That's 5 boys and 4 girls. Rob even got Aiden to fall asleep in his arms, which is a rare occurence, but even more shocking since there were so many kids running around. Way to go guys!! and thanks!! Dale came to their rescue to help when he showed up with Andrew a little while later.
Sleeping was at a premium this weekend. Aiden does not like hotels and refused to sleep very well. He eliminated his naps for the most part and would catch just enough sleep time to recharge his batteries and then he was on the go again. He finally crashed in Daddy's arms at the reception on the day of the memorial. Of course it was a short nap since everyone wanted to meet him and the hall was pretty loud.

What a great bunch of boys. They all shaved their heads and wore their plaid shirts in honor of their Uncle D. Jacob (10), Andrew (9) George Jr. (5), and Clint (3). After the service we went back to my Mom's place to drop off the flowers and left over food and had a little more time with the kids before they had to go back to NC early the next morning. Ignore my dorky smile, I was tickling and laughing to get Diddle to smile and then of course everyone else looks great. Boy do we miss those kiddos already and pray that they will adjust to their new normal without their Daddy.

Thank you again to everyone for their prayers, support, and words of encouragment during this time. They are all greatly appreciated.

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  1. I like your smile in that picture. You got a lot of great pictures. Are Dre and Aidan are only blue eyed nephews? Love ya!