Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Good Old Days of Matching Outfits

I was just reading one of the blogs that I follow, and Lindsay was blogging about her recent sewing adventures. The adorable outfits she had made for her girls princesses reminded me of the times when my mom would make us all matching dresses. I don't know if my mom loved to sew or if she just did it out of necessity when she and my dad were trying to raise 5 kids on a single income and sending us to private school. I remember the late nights, standing on top of the kitchen chairs so my mom could take our measurements or cut the pattern down to fit our size. At the time it often felt like torture, but now I look back on those pictures and love all the memories associated with those matching dresses.

Here are a few examples of those matching dresses, some sewn by my mom and others were purchased. (I am on the far right)Gotta love this one. These dresses and pulled up socks scream 80s!! (I am second from the left)Once again matching outfits with my brother being the accent color. (I am top left)And lastly, our most memorable matching outfits (at least in my mind): baby blue strawberry shortcake dresses. I love David and Faith's (baby of the family) expressions in this picture. David is saying, "Too much estrogen around here!!" and Faith seems to be saying, "What? Another picture in matching outfits!" (I am in the center back)

Now that you have had your blast to the past with these wonderful homemade creations, go on over to Lindsay's blog and check out the cute outfits she has made for her princesses.


  1. This was the dress that Faith couldn't wait to outgrow. She had to wear Grace's, Joy's, and Charity's to finally be able to say good-bye to the strawberry shortcake dress. That's what happens when you are #4 in line of matching dresses!

  2. Thanks Joy!!! I had just finished my last therapy session yesterday regarding the matching dresses. JK

  3. Oh wow, Joy, those are priceless!!! I'll never forget the matching dress/doll's dress my mom made me, bonnets and all. : ) I love your expression in the third picture down. What a cutie you were! And I think I have that exact same outfit in the second picture, white knee high socks and all. heehee