Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kids Dealing with Grief and Teeth.

Grief is an interesting event when it comes to kids. They can't grasp what is going on (how could they? I don't even get it), but they know that things are not as they once were. Alexis came up to me, started rubbing my back, and asked me if I was crying because I missed my brother. When I replied that I was really sad but that I knew he was in heaven with Jesus, she replied with, "Well, since Jesus is in my heart and was in his heart, maybe Jesus could help David pop his head out of my heart so we can say hi." Where do these things come from?

She is also super excited about her upcoming 'vacation.' Going to a memorial (or anniversary as she keeps calling it) is not exactly a vacation to me, but that is how she sees it since she will be together with all her cousins. She is jazzed about staying in a hotel for two full sleeps and can't wait to "go to the nursery with my cousins while the adults go and cry for David."

Oh, to be innocent like a child and not have all this sadness.

Aiden news: the other day someone asked me how many teeth he had now. As I was sayin 5 and feeling around in his mouth I found one more, making that 6. So the following day I was telling someone the 5 turned into 6 story as I was feeling around once againa and found tooth number 7!!! No wonder we have had sleepless nights, snotty nose, and overall crankiness. Interestingly, they are all on his right side, no teeth on his cleft side. He has his two top teeth (though moved over one postion in his mouth), one in the far back on the top, the two front bottom teeth, one right next to the front ones on the right and then a molar in the back. Lots of action on that right hand side. Will he eventually get teeth on the left side? I do hope so. He seems pretty lopsided for now.

Today is packing day and then tomorrow we will head down early in the morning to San Diego to get some last minute details worked out. We also have a 7:00 photo shoot. At first we were going to cancel taking pictures but then quickly realized that it was more important now then ever to get it done and that David would have wanted it to still be done. Then Saturday will be the memorial at 11, with lunch to follow with all his friends and family. That evening I intend to spend as much time as possible with Kaliee and Diddle before they have to head back to NC. Then the kids and I will spend one more night in the hotel while Dale comes back home to work early the next day. Sunday will just be spent with family and then heading home early afternoon to get ready for the next school week.

I am hoping to get back to 'normal' next week and post some cute pictures of the kiddos. My camera hasn't had much action these past two weeks and probably feels neglected. Andrew's camera on the other hand has been super busy, as you can see from the dance fever videos he took. He brought me his camera the other night and I expected to see another dance video. Instead I got a private tour of his room. I had told him to clean his room, and then when he came to tell me it was time for my inspection, I had told him I was too tired to inspect and that I would just trust him that it was done right. A few minutes later I have a camera in my face with a short video tour, with narration and all, of his clean room. My silly kid keeps me laughing in the midst of it all.

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