Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So much to update, not enough time and energy

I have been wanting to do an update post but just haven't had the energy. So, I am just going to bite the bullet so to speak and get it out there. Not as eloquent and lacking pictures, but at least it is out there. Here goes....

On the topic of Andrew's new hair style. I was a little worried about how kids were going to react at school and wanted to make sure that he had rehearsed what he was going to say when kids were shocked with his new hairstyle. He knew what to say and I wasn't worried about him at all when I sent him off for school on Tues. morning. When I picked him up in the afternoon, I immediately asked how the day had gone in regards to his hair. He replied that people had asked him about it and he said, "I cut my hair in honor of my Uncle D who just passed away a week ago." When I asked if he had been teased he said no but then stated, "plus mom, it all builds character, so who cares." Why do I worry about this little guy? He has it all figured out and is just such a strong kid. I am really blessed.

Alexis quick update: We had Kindergarten registration yesterday and she was excited. I think she thought that meant she got to move on to Kindergarten TODAY. Boy was she disappointed when she realized she was still a preschooler today. I have tried to explain to her that she will start in Aug., right before her birthday. I have a feeling she is going to ask me EVERY day between now and then. She also went skating last night with the entire family and the church kids group last night. She was super excited to go skating and couldn't stop talking about it all day long. Once we got there and her skates were on, she got terrified. Dale had skates on and was going to take her around the rink. 10 mins later they had made one full loop and she was D-O-N-E!!! She escaped the rink and refused to go back. She instead walked around on the carpet outside of the rink. Then, someone finally told me about the little trick of getting her skates tightened. That was the magic touch. She was off and running skating and threw a fit when we were told our time was up and we had to leave. That was not the first fit of the night and proved to not be the last one either. She wanted to buy something from the little store, and when told no she turned to me and said in a calm voice, "well if you don't buy me something then I am just going to throw a big fit." And she did, and I did NOT buy her something. Why did she think that would work this time? It never has before. Boy do we have a challenge on our hands here. She was one big mess the whole way home and had another melt down walking up to the house because her jacket was too heavy. Can someone say TIRED?!?

And last but not least... Aiden: He has the biggest news to share. He is now a proficient WALKER! My baby is now a toddling little boy. He rarely crawls and can get everywhere in no time on his two feet. It is the cutest thing and when I get the time and energy I will have to post a cute video of him doing so. People left and right have been telling me how grown up he looks now and how he has lost his little boy look. I know that he has but I am choosing to not accept it, so it is hard to hear it over and over.

Well, there's lots more but I think that is enough for today. We are heading down to San Diego on Friday morning for my brother's memorial service on Saturday. I have been so busy I haven't even had the time to truly grasp all that is going on. I am just waiting for it to hit, and hit me hard. It is going to be hard to see his kiddos, who flew in yesterday. Thank you to everyone who has held my family up in prayer. Those prayers are very much appreciated and needed. And next time, I promise less words and more pictures. :)


  1. Those are great updates on the kiddo's. I pray for your strength during and after the trip to San Diego.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to update. I know how busy you are....and have your family covered in prayer. I pray that Saturday is a peaceful day for you, and one of celebration of the life of your brother. Please know that we will uphold your dear family! Take care!

  3. I cannot believe he's walking!!!!

    Praying for you as you head to San Diego to be with your family and for the memorial service.