Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Apathy Continues

I know I bored you all yesterday with a long ranting post, so I will attempt to avoid a repeat.

Yesterday I sent home 120 letters to the 4th grade parents asking, begging, pleading, ?demanding? their help with this huge task at hand. So, I marched myself and three kiddos down to the school bright and early this morning to collect a huge stack of response letters FOUR response letters. And then as if they needed to defend their parents, the excuses started flying from the kids' mouths. "My mom/dad has to work that night." DONATE YOUR MONEY THEN! "My mom/dad didn't get home till too late to get the letter last night." AND WHAT ABOUT THIS MORNING? "My mom/dad don't care if I go to Catalina or not." GREAT ATTITUDE! "My mom/dad said they are just going to write a check for my portion." THEN GET CRACKIN' ON THAT!

If we do not have $17,000 by June 1st at 4:00 p.m. then all this work will have been for nothing and the trip will be cancelled!! Cancelled for EVERYONE, including those who have earned their way through blood, sweat, and tears (or wait, maybe I am the only one who has cried over this). We don't have time for apathetic, 'maybe later' parents.

The kids seem to get the urgency. I feel like I am preaching to the choir when I go into these classes EVERY morning, begging for their help. But they can't force their parents to do something they aren't willing to do for themselves. Please, never let me become one of those parents who is apathetic toward my children's education.

On a more positive note, on our first day of Big Stick popsicle sales we sold FIFTY-THREE!! And that happened without a shred of advertisement. Just imagine how many we can sell now that the word is out. So if you want to find me between the hour of 2-3 for the next 5 weeks, Monday - Friday, I will be located right next to the cafeteria doors, with multiple bags of popsicles and hopefully a handful of money.

And now to go mentally prepare myself for my root canal this afternoon - UGH!!

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  1. Joy! I hope your Root Canal went better for you than mine did...or started off. LOL. :)