Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WordlessFULL Wednesday

It is never fun to be at work and be called to the front of the store to be told that your car has been hit in the parking lot. That is exactly what happened to Dale today, on a day that was already going down hill fast enough on it's own. Two cars had gotten into an accident, and from what I can understand, one hit the other causing it to fishtail into Dale's parked car. Fun times! Now we get the pleasure of dealing with insurance companies, rent-a-cars and repair shops. And in the mean time, while insurance tries to work things out, we get to spend my sub money we were going to use on a small family get-away on a insurance deductible in hopes of getting it paid back. UGH!!

I know what we will be doing tomorrow on Dale's day off besides picking up Andrew from his camp experience and me going to the dentist (NOT looking forward to that); we will be making lots of insurance phone calls and getting Dale some reliable transportation set up for the next who knows how many days at a rate of $20/day. Double UGH!!


  1. Oh Joy I am sorry. That would totally ruin my week. I hope it gets worked out quickly and you get more than your realized.

  2. Thank goodness he wasnt sitting in the car.

  3. Yuck! What a bummer. And I'm with Darcy - good thing he wasn't in the car.