Saturday, July 18, 2009

Busy Week in Review

My lack of blogging is due to a BUSY week. The 2 oldest had Vacation Bible School all week long which called for extra running around, getting up early, and grouchy kids due to a change in the schedule. Even with all the changes they had a great time and learned lots of new fun songs with dances. During one of the songs they would zoom the camera around the audience and then focus in on one or two kiddos who were dancing. On Tuesday they zoomed in on Alexis and she got to join the singers up on stage and dance with them. She was so excited and said she couldn't wait to go up on stage on Wed. too. I explained to her that the odds of her being picked again out of over 300 kids was pretty small but that she should still dance her little heart out. Would you believe she got zoomed in on AGAIN on Wed! She was the happiest little girl in the place. The church did an awesome job and really put A LOT of work into making it a huge success.Aiden and I got some more one on one time while the kids were gone during the day. His newest favorite thing to do? Pull all my mixing bowls out and throw them around the kitchen.

Or wear them as masks, playing peek-a-boo.

And of course mommy had to introduce him to mini oreos, which from the look on his face and the mess on his hands and face he was throughly enjoying it.
He has been doing an awesome job sleeping in his big boy bed. He has cut back to one 2 hour nap before lunchtime and then has been going to bed exhausted by 8:00. I am very thankful for this pretty smooth transition.
SUPER BABY! to the rescue.
I also had the opportunity to deep clean the kids rooms while they were gone during the day. Usuallly I like to do this with them so they take ownership to the cleaning process of their things but I found that I was able to get it done A LOT faster by myself. Imagine my shock when I found this........
Just in case you can't tell what that is.... it is a HUGE clump of freshly CUT hair!! Alexis' hair to be exact. Once confronted about the clump of hair it was painfully obvious where she had cut it. Right smack dab in the front for all to see. Why I hadn't seen it that morning is beyond me. Sometimes I guess I just brush quickly to get us out the door and don't really pay attention to the details, like the fact that she had cut a huge chunck out of her bangs. She was mortified that I wanted to take a picture and kept saying over and over, "are you going to blog about this mommy? please mommy!" She has tried everything she can to disguise the fact that she is missing a section of hair. Everything from the comb over look to putting huge bows over it to cover it up. In reality growing time is all that is going to work to fix this gapping hole.My battle with the ants came to a head the other morning when I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and had an ant crawling on me in bed with a few following behind him ready to attack. I couldn't take it anymore so Dale and I decided that we needed to bomb the house. Not my idea of fun since that called for a deep cleaning not only before the bombing but also wiping every surface down after the bombing. I am not a super cleaner, but rather despise having to do it. So after the kids got home from VBS on Friday we set out cleaning every nook and cranny of the house. By the time Dale got home from work at 3:00 we were finishing up a few last minute things and were able to evacuate the house at 4:00 to allow the foggers to do their thing. This created a 2 hour window that we were required to stay out of the house and then another hour of airing out the house before going back inside. We went to dinner and then to Kmart to pick up this little contraption I had seen on TV which I am hoping will help with my entry way carpet area.
After these few errands we went back to the house for Dale to open all the windows, and start up the A/C and the fans to air the place out. To kill time we decided to take the kiddos to the park. This was the first time Aiden tried out the slide for himself, though he preferred to go up it backwards then to follow the rules. The concentration on his face shows that this is serious business to him.
Dale, Aiden and Suzy enjoyed running down the hill
...though walking back up always proved to be a little challenging when you have short legs.
"Do these stripes make my butt look big?"
And then I noticed a common theme in the pictures I was taking.... his tongue sticking out when he is doing something. I know that the tooth that is growing in his lip flesh is really bothering him, but he seems to really be working his tongue all the time.
Tongue out while he is walking....
Tongue out while he grabs a quick drink.....
And tongue out while he runs around some more....
We returned to a debugged house, did a complete wipe down and vacuuming of all surfaces and then had a peaceful night sleep with no ants crawling around. Let's hope that solves the problem long term.
This morning the kids got to sleep in a little (though I wish they would have slept a little longer). And then it was time for a little lounging around in pajamas and watching some cartoons. Nothing sweeter then laying on the ground holding hands while watching Mickey Mouse Club House.
Hope everyone has a blessed weekend. Oh, and don't forget to leave me a comment if you are reading because Dale comes home from work every day and has to check out how many new comments have been left on my blog. Mentioning him in the comment makes his day. :) Nothing like trying to stroke my husbands ego a little.


  1. Wow! What an amazing week.
    Our VBS is the 27th - 31st...but it is at night (6:00-8:30). I wish it was in the morning since my children are up by at least 6:30 everyday and in bed by 7:30 each night. We will have to see how they do.
    Aidan is doing so good with his bed. It is amazing how small they look in such a big bed. Is it the 3rd child or what? I kicked Tatiana out at 2 years old...earlier than the other two.
    Oh, by the way it looks like Dale is doing very good walking up the hill. It is harder to walk up than down. lol
    Seriously...Hi Dale! I miss seeing you and your family. You all will have to come down to S.D. and visit. You could make it your summer vacation. You can stay at Casa De La Carter's. No reservations needed.
    About the hair. Joy that is so funny that you did not notice. I wonder if you had not seen it on the floor how long it would have been before you noticed. None of my children have done that yet (knock on wood). I think all children do. Did Andrew?
    I #&@^ think my @#*@ medicne @##@ is kicking in !#@$@%#^&.
    I was wonding if the comment section had a limit. ???
    Well now I won't have to call you for the next few days since I said so much on your blog.
    I also need you to come down and edit my scrapbooks. I could not believe I had not done any scraping since November. AAUUGH!!! 8 months. Well I am not caught up by any means. Christmas is always a-lot. Also I have tons of pictures waiting for me at Wal-Mart.
    I better go...I am running out of steam and don't want to get a second wind for yours and my sake.

  2. and you should post more of Dale! Daddy/kid shots are my favorite (next to the rare Mommy/kid shots. Love the photo displays. Aiden is really keeping you busy, right? And the hair cutting right of passage could've been worse. Hope she's over it :)

    BTW, Love the superman suit.

  3. Love the pictures of Aiden and his concentration. The oreo cookie picture takes the prize. Alexis was just thinning out her bangs. When I saw it on Sunday it took me a while to see where they were cut as they did just look thinner. Fortunately they will grow back and if that is the worst thing that every happens...... Love you all, NANA/MOM

  4. Wow... what a busy week!! Sorry about the ants... we have had some... but not as bad as in the past... at least so far!
    I love that Aiden is doing so well in his bog boy bed..that is great!!
    Hi Dale!!!

    hope this week is a little bit back to a normal schedule!
    Have a great week!!!