Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WordLESSFULL Wednesday

Hi to all my Mama's blogging friends!!! We all know by now that my mom is not good at the wordLESS thing (and obviously not so good at keeping the living room clean either from all the clutter in the background of this pic, but anyways), so today is going to be a wordFULL Wednesday. Enjoy!

What could be more precious then a Daddy-O reading to his daughter at bedtime? ...reading while all three of his kiddos listen in. Dale is such an awesome dad!!

No, that is not a binkie in his mouth. You must be seeing things. We I did not give him the binkie the other morning just to see what he would do, knowing that if he liked it we would be back to square one with binkie withdraws if he actually liked it enough to not want to give it up. Thankfully he just thought it was something funny and wasn't really amused with the whole experience. Andrew and Alexis were both binkie-holics and it took an act of God (or Tinkerbell in Alexis' case) to get rid of them. Aiden had liked the binkie from birth, but when he got the NAM at 10 weeks old the binkie went out the window, but not without withdraws first. What kind of mom would want to introduce the binkie to a child at 16 months old? *ahem* Not Me!! (oh wait, that is for Mondays only).
*** I am feeling a lot of pressure to do a giveaway for my 200th post (which would be my next one if you are paying attention). So if you don't hear from me for a long time then the pressure was too much for me and I have dropped off the face of the earth blogging world.


  1. Awww.... such sweet images

    "Mommy Rachelle"

  2. heehee You're so funny, Joy!! Do NOT feel pressured to do a giveaway! But if you do feel like it, people will seriously fight for a $5 gift card! I put so much in mine and then the packages were all pretty expensive to mail! I should've just stuck to gift cards myself. It was fun, but it'll be another 200 posts before I give away anything else! : )

    Love Dale reading to the kids.. but I especially love Alexis looking through the telescope thingy. heehee

    Oh boy - binkies. I am getting more and more petrified about Aidan's upcoming palate surgery. How will he sleep without a binky??? I can't remember... did you put arm restraints on Aiden after surgery?

    OH yeah, and I'm LOVING Aiden's dimples! What a cutie!

  3. I love the pics. I remember my mom telling me that I was hooked on my pacifier, too. So, when she tried to wean me off of it, I was not happy. First, she tried rubbing it in coffee ground, but I was too smart and just said, "Yuck", rinsed it off, and popped it back in my mouth. But, my mom was determined to outsmart me, so... she wrapped some of her hair around it!!! When she gave it to me, she said that I just stared at it with a look of horror and then tossed it away and never used it again. Ha! She was so clever. It's tricks like these I will really miss learning about...