Friday, July 10, 2009

BB&B for Aiden's new BBB

UPDATED: See video link below the third picture!

Yesterday was a BIG day. We made our way to Bed Bath & Beyond with our $10 off coupon and a mission to find Aiden some new Big Boy Bedding. I was pleased to find a sports themed comforter and sheets set on the clearance rack. It was perfect for Aiden while still being grown up enough for Andrew.Daddy and I got the bed all made up while the kids kept Aiden entertained in the living room. I was excited about Aiden moving into Andrew's room because I would like our room back and his crib moved out of there, but was also sad at the same time because this is just another step away from him being a baby.
Once the bed was all made we brought Aiden in to show him his Big Boy Bed. He LOVED it and couldn't stop jumping around and throwing himself on the bed!
View this montage created at One True Media
Aiden's Big Boy Bed
Click on the link to see his reaction when we first showed him his new bed!!! SO CUTE!!
We were off to a great start but the real test would be at bed time. He usually stays up till we go to bed around 9:00 but we decided that we should start him on the kiddos' schedule and go to bed the same time as them around 8:30. He laid down right away and things looked promising.
Andrew was excited to have a new roommate. He has been looking forward to this day since the moment Aiden was born. We decided now was the time so we could make the transition during the summer just in case there were any glitches then it wouldn't keep Andrew up at night when he needed to be getting his rest for school.
It was a little rough at first but nothing big. He got up a few times but only because he wanted to jump on the bed. I ended up standing at the door, laying him down when he got up without saying a word to him and then going back to the doorway to wait. It took all of 25 minutes till he was sound asleep. It would have taken less time if Alexis had not kept talking to me while I was standing between their bedrooms.
He slept through the night, no tears, no getting out of bed repeatedly. I woke up a little earlier this morning then usual because I was worried about him waking up in a strange place. I checked on him multiple times, only to find that he was still sound asleep. He ended up sleeping till 7:56!!! and woke up with the biggest smile on his face. When I asked him if liked his Big Boy Bed, he replied with "uhhhhh yep!!!! big boy bed!!" in the cutest squeeky Aiden voice with the biggest smile.

These were taken the other day while the other two kiddos were gone. Could someone please feed this child? He decided to help himself since I wasn't getting breakfast fast enough for him. He found a box of cereal, took it to the living room and decided to pour himself some in a bowl all over the living room floor. (and you can't see it, but yes he does have a diaper on.)He was right there beside me helping me pick them up shoveling them in his mouth as fast as he could.Here is hoping for another smooth transition to the Big Boy Bed again tonight and to having no crib in our room!!!


  1. Oh, my goodness!!!! SOOOOO big! I know that we are in NO WAY ready for that. Our vacation was proof...Reid thinks any bed is a trampoline fest for him. Not going down that road yet....but I applaud you! Hope tonight is just as great!

  2. How great and it sure looked (and sounded!) like he liked it from the video!! I'm hoping to keep Drew "contained" a bit longer in his baby bed, but I hope when it is time that he adjusts as well as Aiden!

  3. These pictures are so cute and the video is just adorable. What a fun time for our precious little Aiden and big brother Andrew! Love you all!!!!

  4. Adorable! Love the video. Andrew is such a good big brother.

  5. Absolutely adaorable!! What a cutie!!!

  6. So cute! Congrats on getting Aiden in a "big boy bed." That is so sweet that Andrew was excited about it. What good kids you have. Love the video too!