Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mom vs. Ants and Loosing Ground! HELP!

*On my sister's blog, she is working her way through the alphabet one letter at a time with her kiddos this summer. I, on the other hand, seem to be working my way backwards with my all things 'C' post, then my Big Boy Bed 'B' post, and now the 'A' for Ant post.
Well, the ants won last night!! We had come home from a long day out in the HOT HOT desert (114 degrees!!), visiting Dale at his work, getting his car turned in to the collison center that will be repairing it, and then heading over to Grandma and Grandpa's to spend some time with them, only to find that various parts of our house had been invaded by HUNDREDS of ants while we were gone. We have had a few ants here and there and occasionally a small party of them but NOTHING like last night. (*Wish I had pictures of our adventures yesterday but I left home with the camera card still stuck in the computer from uploading the big boy bed pictures that morning. BUMMER!!)

They, the darn ants, find their way into the house from the oddest places. Recently the bathroom has been their favorite place, coming in from the faucet. And, I get some a lot of pleasure in drowning them as I turn on the faucet for a shower. Well, yesterday they decided that the boys' room electrical outlets would be the place to make their attack.

As we went to put Aiden in his Big Boy Bed for the second night in a row we quickly noticed that the ants had all but taken over the room. Dale and I quickly went on the defense with the only thing we had handy, a can of ant spray. By the time we finished killing the little boogers and then clorox wiping the whole room down and vacuuming up the carpet, the room still smelled of ant spray fumes. We both felt that it was not very safe for Aiden and Andrew to fall asleep amongst the fumes and potential ants that hide in the walls. So, out to the couch for Andrew and back into his crib for Aiden. :( Talk about a major step back! I was not happy but was given really no other choice.

So, if any of my blogging buddies out there have a great remedy for ants that won't be so toxic for the kids then I am all ears. I will be making a call to our landlady on Monday to see if she can get someone out here to spray around the outside of the condo during the week. But in the mean time, I would like to reclaim the boys' room and prevent them from taking over the world whole house and get my little guy back into his Big Boy Bed that he loves SOOO much.


  1. We have had really bad ant problems once the weather gets super hot. Derek found some stuff called Terro that has worked miracles! Its AMAZING! Google it and see where you can find it, I dont remember where he picked it up or if he had to order it online. We're pretty anti-chemical around here and this stuff you just place a dot of it on an inch square of paper and the ants swarm to it. YOu'll have to watch and make sure the baby doesnt try and eat the paper, but if you get creative in where you place it he may never even notice its around. GL!!!

  2. yuck!!! I hate ants. In GA we had to deal with red fire ants that bit and left horrible blisters. OUCH!!! Sorry I don't have any advice though.

    I, myself, am currently dealing with little fruit flies. I can't get rid of them. I resorted to putting all the fruit in the fridge. Nothing like 4 lbs of cold bananas. YUCK

    Good luck though!

  3. Hmmm... We are having major ant problems, too! But they are just outside our front door so far, and it's like a whole colony of queen ants! They all seem to have wings. I'm not sure if this works, but yesterday, Matt's Mamaw and Papaw were over and they suggested corn meal. They said to sprinkle just a little around the ant-infested area and the ants will take it back to their colony. Well, I guess they can't digest it, so they all end up dying. I guess it's worth a shot.