Monday, June 28, 2010

One Year Down...

....only twelve more years to go! Thankfully if this first year of schooling is any indicator of the next twelve years to come then there shouldn't be too many tears or gray hairs.

First day of school:
Alexis with her teacher, Mr. Gillotti. We could not have been happier with her teacher this year. Andrew also had Mr. Gillotti in Kindergarten and I really feel like he sets the tone for their future and guides them onto the right path. He is an awesome teacher!
Of course with the start of schooling comes classroom birthdays. Mr. Gillotti really tries to make each child feel special every day, but especially on their birthday.Alexis was the "Birthday Queen" for the day. Fall picture
Here favorite activity at school: THE SWINGS! Each morning there was a competition for who could get to the swings first. She LOVED when I got to work in her classroom because that meant she got to go on the playground a few minutes before the entire class while I pulled out the toys, which guaranteed her a swing.Lexi and Ms. Heather, the yard duty. The kids know since Mommy works on campus often that they better be on their best behavior because I will always find out what they are doing. Doesn't hurt to make friends with the yard duty.Lexi is a VERY social person and rarely has a problem making friends. Her problem is actually knowing when to NOT be social (like in the middle of class). Every day when I would pick her up from class it would amaze me at the number of kids who would be yelling out, 'bye Lexi!' more so then any other kids' name. She really is very friendly and accepting of everyone around her.Her other 'problem': BOYS! Early on in the school year I had the mother of these twin boys J & J approach me and tell me that Alexis had a crush on one of them and that they both had a crush on her. Thankfully they are good kids and the three of them are really good friends, but boy am I not ready for that!Spring picture. Comparing her fall and spring picture it is interesting how much of her baby face she is loosing.Not only does Alexis have Mr. Gillotti as her teacher but she also gets to have MRS. GILLOTTI as her teacher too. She teaches the afternoon Kindergarten class, so in the morning before her class arrives she reads with Mr. G's class and helps out. They are a great pair! Could you imagine going to work everyday with your husband? They are with each other 24/7 and you can just feel the pure love between them.

Last day of school. Alexis has grown so much this year physically, but the academic growth is amazing. Her reading has taken off and her love of math continues.

THANK-YOU MR. GILLOTTI FOR A WONDERFUL KINDERGARTEN YEAR!! Though this may be the first year of many, you have set her off on the right path, and for that we are very thankful. I know it is a lot to ask, but could you PLEASE not retire before Aiden gets into Kindergarten??

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  1. You are so good at taking pictures during those important moments. I need to improve on that a bit. I love all the pics of Alexis. It looks like she had a great kindergarten year.