Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dale's 41st Birthday

Today is blog catch-up day... or at least my attempt to catch-up on a few posts that I have been wanting to do for the past MONTH! :(

Dale and the entire family celebrated his 41st birthday on May 16th. Of course he had to work that day so we joined him on his lunch break so we could have some extra time with him.
**He was oh so pleased to put the Burger King crown on and pose for a picture can't you tell. :)

If you were to ask Dale what he would want more then anything else in the world, (besides a HUGE plasma TV) it would be to just spend time with his family.The kids each gave him a gift and made him a card to show him how much they love him. Then we tortured him by making him wear this button that says, "Worlds Greatest Dad!" Deal was he had to wear the button the rest of the night, including when we went out to Dale's favorite restaurant for dinner with my mom and Mr. David to Red Lobster (where of course I took my camera, had it sitting on the table, but never took a single picture. DUH!)After dinner we came back to the house to enjoy some cake and more relaxing.Happy birthday to the best Daddy-O, husband, best friend one could ever ask for or dream of!!

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