Friday, June 25, 2010

My Little Miss

Alexis has many different names around the house. When choosing her name when I was pregnant I wanted to make sure she had a name that could be shortened into variations of her name. At the same time I wanted to make sure that she got to choose which variation of her name she would be called by, so we have pretty much always called her Alexis up until this Kindergarten year when she started expressing that she wished to be called LEXI now.

So Lexi it is most often.
Unless of course your name is Aiden and you have a hard time pronouncing your L's and X's so you call her FeFi.

Or, there are other times when mom just simply calls her by her middle name, which is Julianna.
We all call her 'Little Miss' from time to time because we also have 'Little Man' and 'Little Guy.'

And then there is the variation of Lexi-Loo, which I use often. Not sure where that came from, but it usually comes out more like a bugle horn call at the end just for giggles.
Then there is the 'Little Lady' name when I am scolding her for flipping and flopping around when she is in a skirt and showing her wares to the world or I need to get her attention.
But most importantly she is my Alexis. My only daughter. The one I buttheads with most often, but also the one that teaches me the most about myself because she holds that mirror up each time we have conflict.

The one I love, my Little Miss!


  1. So have a lovely Little Miss. : ) Hope you are having a great day!!!!