Monday, December 7, 2009

Howse Family Thanksgiving 2009

For Thanksgiving this year we went out to Palm Springs to spend the day at Dale's Mom and Dad's house. The kids' Auntie Deana, Uncle Anthony, Auntie Dawn and Uncle Ralph joined us there as well. The kids were so excited they made sure they were up bright and early that morning and must have asked me a million times if it was time to go yet.

After a crazy drive on the 10 freeway, we arrived and the kids were ready to hit the ground running. Aiden just wanted to go, go, go, which is now his favorite word.

A favorite thing to go at Grandma and Grandpa's house is to play on their exercise equipment. Even Aiden wanted to get in on the action this time.
Andrew can burn some serious calories in no time. Not that he has any calories to spare.
The kids and I made place cards for the dinner table. Alexis had the most fun coloring them and then placing them on the table.
The kids' Uncle Ralph has enough energy to keep up with all three kids. Aiden loved being attacked by his kisses,
learning how to wrestle,
and having Uncle Ralph do repeated push-ups over top of him. He giggled the entire time.
Of course after all that exercising and giggling he had to get some snuggle time with Auntie Deana.
And then it was back up for some airplane time with Auntie Dawn.
Most times when we go to Grandma and Grandpa's house, Aiden is a little stand-offish with Grandpa since he doesn't see him often enough. This time that was not the case. He went right to Grandpa and snuggled with him. He even cried when he would leave the room to do something else.
The kids were pretty bummed when the day came to a close and they had to say goodbye to everyone. We sure wish we could be around family more often.
Uncle Anthony, Auntie Deana and kiddos.
Uncle Ralph, Auntie Dawn and kiddos.
Grandma, Grandpa, and kiddos
We have so much to be thankful, family being one of the most important. HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2009!!

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