Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Craniofacial Team Appt. 2009

On Monday Aiden had his annual craniofacial team appointment. This appointment was like all the others in the fact that I didn't find out about it being scheduled till the week before. It was then time to scramble to find a sitter and someone to go with me. My niece, Candace, came over to watch the older two kiddos so they wouldn't have to be bored to death at the LONG appointment. Dale was not able to take the day off so my mom offered to go with me. I told Dale after I got home that he has been replaced and that I would be taking my mom with my on all future team appointments. She did an awesome job playing the part of secretary, writing down everything; baby soother by putting him to sleep between doctors leaving and entering the room; question reminder, I always forget what I want to ask once I get there even if I have written it down; and lastly, my sanity saver by giving me some adult conversation while we waited and waited.

First up was Dr. E. He is the general pediatric doctor who oversees the team. He did a complete exam on Aiden and seemed overall impressed. He did say that his tube in his right ear is in the canal so it is no longer serving it's function and will continue to work itself out. The left ear was slightly clogged but still in place. He suggested we make an appointment with the ENT (who of course was not there since he comes every other week). He would like his hearing and pressure checked just to make sure he is still on track. We will consider a tube replacement if those tests do not come back clear, otherwise it is a wait and see, hoping to avoid repeat ear infections.

Next up was speech. Of course Aiden doesn't like to perform when asked to, so that left it up to mama to relay what he is capable of doing. He did inadvertently show his ability and she gave him clearance in that area. She does want to see him again in 6-9 months instead of waiting for next year's team meeting since this is such a pivital time for speech. She gave me a few handouts of things to work on at home, which seem to be all the things we already do in every day life. I do need to get better at reading to him. I read ALL the time with Andrew, little less with Alexis and now even less with Aiden due to time. That is something I want to get better at so I can help build that love of reading in him that his big brother and sister have.

The dentist followed right behind the speech pathologist. I was especially interested in our conversation with the dentist since we have been concerned about Aiden's "hidden" teeth. I showed her the x-ray and letter that we had gotten from our regular pediatric dentist and then she did her own exam on him, confirming what our dentist had recommended. She then made sure that the oral surgeon was added to our list of people to see that day. She feels that the wait and see approach is probably not the best solution, but rather that something needs to be done to "expose" the teeth. The problem is trying to avoid creating more scar tissue that could get in the way of successful future surgeries, like a bone graph to the gumline.

The oral surgeon entered the room moments after the dentist left (so far this looked like it was going to be a quick team appointment, boy did I jinx it!) The surgeon did his exam, read the letter, and looked over the x-ray and seemed to echo what we had already heard. He recommended we make an appointment with his office for a more complete evaluation so a plan for surgery could be made.

The only doctor left on the list was Dr. M, plastic surgeon, and a social visit with Dr. Garcia, his orthodontist when he was doing the NAM as an infant. We waited a super long time, Aiden took a nap, mom and I talked about anything and everything, and then waited some more. I finally popped my head out of the room to see what was going on, only to be told that Dr. M. had just shown up at 3:30 and had to get to all the rooms that had been waiting, just like us, since 1:00. That man does great work, but WOW!?!, his sense of time is way off. In the meantime we had a great time catching up with Dr. Garcia, seeing pictures of her 6 month old little guy, loving on Aiden (who was groggy from his nana nap), and chatting about all that has happened in the past year. She will forever hold a special place in my heart for all she has done from Aiden and my family. I have never met a more caring, sincere doctor in my life, and feel blessed that she has been a part of Aiden's team.

After she left we waited some more for Dr. M. At this point Aiden was done and just wanted to GO, GO, GO! He was done waiting, done being looked at, done opening his mouth for anyone, and just wanted out. Thankfully, right when all was about to break loose, Dr. M. entered the room. He did a quick look and then seemed to be heading for the door. I stopped him in his tracks and told him I wanted to discuss Aiden's "hidden" teeth, what the others had suggested, show him the x-ray and try to get a clearer answer to our options for Aiden. (My hope was to accomplish all of this so we could cancel next weeks appointment in his office, where no doubt we would have waited a LONG time again! Mission accomplished!) He closed the door, washed his hands, and got down to business. He did agree that something should be done, but wasn't sure which approach would be best without causing problems for the future. He said he would discuss it with the team and should have an answer for us when I call on Monday.

So, after waiting a total of 3 1/2 hours to see 6 doctors, we now wait a few more days to find out Aiden's fate. Will he have a simple exposure procedure done in the dental chair with just numbing? Will he have a slightly more complicated surgery, where they will put him under? Will he have a graphing done to the gumline, which would be even more complicated? I guess (and hope!) we will find out on Monday so we will know which direction 2010 will take us. I know that no matter what decision is made, he will be a super trooper through it all!

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  1. So do you have an answer yet? I know this hard on you, Joy. When Ben was a toddler we used to take him to day long Children's Clinics at the Children's Hospital in Omaha, where he would be seen by a team of specialists, one by one. Oh, what a long day that would be! Anyway, I understand. On one hand, we feel so blessed that our kids don't have more serious problems, but on the other, there are things for concern and it's tiring.