Monday, December 7, 2009

Crazy Excitement on Maderia

One Saturday morning not too long ago the kids were quietly enjoying their Saturday morning cartoons when all of the sudden we heard this big pop and then the power went down. I heard some commotion coming from the back of our condo so I peeped my head out and saw that a power line had come down in the yard across the street from us. What I didn't find out 'til a little while later was that a tree trimmer had knocked the line down with his bucket and was dangling from his safety harness behind this palm tree.
Safety crews worked quickly to get the area secured and then began to run a ladder up to the man who had been dangling upside down for about 20 mins at this point.

They were able to get him down safely and he didn't seem to have any major injuries, besides a huge bruised ego from everyone in the neighborhood watching him dangle from the work bucket.
The kids on the other hand just wanted to know when their electricity would be turned back on since this is the only morning of the week they get to watch cartoons. It was two hours later, 5 packed boxes, two cleaned rooms, and one consummed lunch later till the electricity resumed and cartoons could commense.

That was enough excitement on Maderia to last me a very long time.

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